How To Increase Sales With Marketing Automation?

Increasing sales is the foremost essential of any business, for which business needs to adopt various marketing strategies. Many automation tools have come up to aid businesses in their work flow.

Lead scoring and website personalization are two effective ways to boost business sales. Let us have a brief overview of them below:

Lead scoring

What helps the sales team determine the focus and attention on the leads those who deserve? Lead scoring holds the answer. Lead scoring helps to focus and spend time on qualified leads and helps minimize the sales cycle. 

Lead scoring is about giving points to the leads depending on their chances to turn into sales. The user browser activities significantly contribute to the lead scoring. For instance, consider a user just reading a blog post without serious consideration of business services or products. Such users can be given less lead scoring than those whose intent is to gain services from business.

Website personalization

Every user has his/her way of browsing activities on a website. Considering them, user personalization can be built. Some could right away browse the updates about the business, while some others might be interested to know about the products. Depending on their interest, the website personalization can take shape. This way, chances are more likely to turn up to a website for any future interests or requirements.

CRM marketing automation software for increasing sales

CRM marketing automation software is developed to perform marketing analysis and understand customers better.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software takes care of the complete sales cycle. During this process, the tools suggest the marketing automation techniques through thorough market analysis and tracks the complete user activities to give suitable suggestions that could create sales.  

Managing leads: Lead management turns easy with CRM marketing automation software. The tools work effectively to collect the lead information and segregate them based on the user demographics and interests so that the marketing efforts prove efficient in the long run.

Managing activities: The complete track of the user information, including the past and future activities, is helpful for any upcoming challenges. The user can derive the appropriate information based on the search criteria. Also, they can be prioritized accordingly. At the same time, alerts can also be set so that the most prominent tasks get immediate attention to be worked upon. Any delay in performing them would not lead to attain the expected results on time.

Managing data: CRM software stores the information at a centralized location for easy and quick access. Arranging such data before the beginning of the sales cycle can be time-saving in the long run. Sometimes, the customers might require previous records. Don’t you think it is fetching if the tool retrieves the required information promptly? Of course. That is what a CRM tool does to maintain a long-time relationship with the customers.

Managing sales pipeline: We know that all those users who turn to business might not end up in sales. Some of them are likely to be converted into sales much before others. So, it is vital to prioritize the attention serial wise accordingly.

Satisfying the required credentials of CRM marketing automation software, let us have a brief about the ONPASSIVE’s CRM tool O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ).

ONPASSIVE’s CRM marketing automation software

  • Lead is well developed to collect all the analytics required for knowing the customers and making wise decisions. A proper alignment is an absolute necessity for implementing marketing automation strategies. O-Desk is well built to do so based on the market trends. The tool proposes intelligent ways to interact and engage customers better. Moreover, the sentiment analysis proves effective for understanding customers better.


Business sales boost with better customer influence and engagement. The role of CRM marketing automation software is significant to achieve this.

Understanding customers is the basis for business development. The market trends keep changing. So, businesses need to study them regularly so that the marketing activities are aligned.

While it comes to using any CRM marketing automation software, know how ONPASSIVE’s O-Desk can serve you with the essentials.