iOS Text Recognition app

IOS Text Recognition is a powerful and unique new feature that makes typing on your iPhone much more accessible. This new feature allows you to type by selecting the text you want. It’s straightforward to use and makes typing on your iPhone a breeze! In this article, you’ll learn how iOS Text Recognition works! But before that, let’s understand the iOS Text Recognition System in detail.

What Is An iOS Text Recognition System?

iOS Text Recognition is a technology used in iOS devices to enable text input. It is a part of the operating system and works as a backend for various text-based features such as Siri, Messages, Contacts, and Notes. 

When a user types something on an iOS device, iOS Text Recognition looks through the text for specific patterns. For example, if you type ‘I’m hungry,’ iOS Text Recognition will look for words that correspond to eating, such as ‘apple,’ ‘banana,’ and so on. It will use that Word to complete the sentence if it finds a match. 

iOS Text Recognition is powered by several algorithms, including deep learning and natural language processing. This means it will improve at recognizing specific phrases and commands over time.

The first step in using iOS Text Recognition is to choose a text recognition mode. There are four modes: Freeform, Web, Documents, and Raw Images.

  • Freeform mode is the most versatile and can be used for text recognition. It’s perfect for recognizing text in natural languages, such as a sentence or paragraph.
  • Web mode is designed for extracting text from web pages. It’s ideal for grabbing large amounts of text from a website or online article.
  • Documents mode is optimized for extracting text from digital documents, such as PDFs or scanned images of physical documents. This mode works best with high-quality images that have clear text.
  • Raw Images mode is ideal for processing unedited photos of handwritten notes or whiteboards. This mode can also process pictures with low contrast or background noise.

Once you choose the text recognition mode in the app, you can hold your phone up to a printed page of text, and the app will scan it and convert it into digital text. This is useful for quickly checking and saving a document as a PDF or other file format. You can also use this feature to translate text from one language to another. 

The app will also read aloud any text you have scanned in, which can help proofread or check the accuracy of the conversion. You can adjust the speed of the reading, as well as the volume and pitch, to suit your needs. The scanner can also capture images of handwritten notes or whiteboards.

Why Is Apple Focusing On Text Recognition?

Apple is focusing on text recognition because it believes it is a crucial area of digital assistant functionality. With the release of iOS 11, Apple has made several improvements to its text recognition capabilities. 

One of the most significant changes is that iOS now supports machine learning and artificial intelligence. This means the software can learn how to recognize text better over time. In addition, iOS 11 now helps multiple languages, so it can more accurately identify text in different languages. 

Apple also continues to make improvements to its existing text recognition features. For example, iOS 11 allows users to search for specific phrases or words within a document. Additionally, the software can now identify numbers and symbols within the text. These improvements make it easier for users to quickly find and access the information they need.

The Future Of iOS Text Recognition

iOS text recognition is becoming increasingly sophisticated as developers continue developing applications that use the feature. With the release of iOS 11, Apple has made several significant improvements to the text recognition feature, including increased accuracy and better support for international characters. 

Apple’s new iOS 11 update includes some powerful new text recognition features that could change how you interact with your devices. With a new “Text Replacement” feature, you can now easily input words and phrases by replacing the text that appears in the text field. You can also use “Word Detection” to automatically detect specific words or phrases in a text field and “Phrase Detection” to identify entire paragraphs.

In addition to these powerful features, several other improvements and updates included in iOS 11 make using your devices even more convenient. For example, you can now create custom shortcuts for everyday tasks like sending a message or calling someone. Replying to a message is much easier with rich copy formatting and advanced notification controls.

Overall, these new text recognition features make it easier than ever to get your tasks done on your iPhone or iPad, and they’re sure to improve your overall productivity. If you’re looking for ways to make using your devices even more efficient, check out Apple’s latest iOS update! 

Best Text Recognition App

Are you looking for an iOS text recognition app? Check out our top picks!

SwiftKey Keyboard 

One of the most popular text recognition apps on the market, SwiftKey Keyboard offers a variety of features to help you type faster and accurately. With prediction capabilities and a wide range of language support, this app is perfect for anyone looking to speed up their typing process.


Another popular choice for text recognition on iOS, Swype, allows you to quickly and easily enter text by gesturing with your finger. With various supported languages and gesture options, this app is perfect for anyone looking to multitask while typing.

Dragon Dictate

If you’re looking for an app specifically designed for transcription, look no further than Dragon Dictate. This app allows you to easily record and transcribe any audio or video content, making it an excellent choice for businesses or individuals looking to save time and effort in transcription.

Microsoft Word 

Consider using Microsoft Word if you’re looking for an app offering more comprehensive text recognition capabilities. This app allows you to easily insert hyperlinks, highlight text, and even create annotations while working. You can also use Word to convert text images into digital text files that can be edited, and it supports various file formats so you can save your work in the form that best suits your needs.


If you’re like most smartphone users, you use your device’s text recognition features all the time. Whether you’re looking for a quick response to a message or want to quickly add an item to your shopping list, iOS text recognition is a beneficial tool. This article will look closely at how iOS text recognition works and explain some of the more common phrases and words it can recognize. After reading this article, hopefully, you’ll be able to use text recognition on your iPhone or iPad with even more ease!