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Remote working has transformed the landscape of work significantly. Businesses use online communication tools such as video conferencing to meet customer demands, adhere to isolation guidelines, and future-proof their services. These challenges pose unique obstacles for small businesses needing more resources and infrastructure. We explore its role in small businesses.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing – commonly known by its shorter form of video calls or chat – has quickly become one of the cornerstones of online communication. It enables individuals, from entrepreneurs to large corporations, to interact via video call, fostering seamless interactions within teams and with clients.

Increased video conferencing software development competition comes with increased online communication demands. Businesses now compete to offer the best video conferencing software, leading software engineers to design applications with advanced features like session recordings, real-time transcriptions, advanced collaboration capabilities, and multi-party broadcasts.

Future of Video Conferencing and its Benefits for Small Businesses

1. Enhancing Video Quality:

Due to challenges encountered during the pandemic, such as background noise and pixelated images, more attention has been directed towards improving video quality. With these improvements underway, businesses will soon experience uninterrupted meetings with superior video quality accessible from various devices.

Impact on Small Businesses: With improved quality comes increased opportunities for small businesses to present themselves as professional and accessible, building trust among clients while increasing demand and strengthening brand reputation.

2. Increased Demand: 

Anticipating an Ever-Increasing Tech-Dependent Society: As society becomes ever-more tech-dependent, video conferencing should become part of daily life. A Cisco survey indicates that 84% of respondents anticipate regularly using this technology in at least one of their four interactions.

Video Conferencing’s Cross-Sector Use: Video conferencing has proven its adaptability with applications across various sectors, illustrating its ever-increasing scope of usage.

3. Metaverse-Focused Solutions:

Importance of Non-Verbal Cues: Video conferencing is well positioned to incorporate metaverse solutions because nonverbal cues play an integral part in communication. Businesses can interact like in-person engagements by maintaining interpersonal connections and eliminating worries of lost connections.

4. Creation of Video Conferencing Software:

Integration of AI: AI is at the core of video conferencing software development. Machine learning algorithms, facial recognition, and speech recognition technologies improve user experiences while future-proofing apps for continued use.

Cross-Platform Development Tools: React Native and NativeScript are two cross-platform development tools that have proven invaluable for developers creating cost-effective yet cutting-edge video conferencing apps.

Apps That Are Thriving: Video conferencing remains among the fastest-growing apps, reflecting our need to connect and our ongoing transition towards a digital future.

Experience the Future of Meetings with OCONNECT – Your Video Conferencing Companion

OCONNECT stands out in the bustling world of virtual collaboration as an innovative and user-friendly video conferencing tool packed with features designed to simplify team communications, share ideas and facilitate seamless collaborations. Let’s examine some of the hallmarks that make OCONNECT an unprecedented tool in virtual meetings.

1. Calculator:

OCONNECT’s integrated calculator feature adds an effortless practicality to virtual meetings. No more switching applications; effortlessly calculate figures, budgets, or numerical data without leaving the virtual meeting space.

2. Screen Capture:

Make the most of every moment with OCONNECT’s screen capture feature and seize the moment. Be it an important document, an intriguing presentation slide, or an innovative idea – capture it instantly and share it with your team to boost engagement and maintain visual flow within virtual environments.

3. Timer:

Time management is paramount in virtual meetings, and OCONNECT’s timer feature guarantees discussions remain on schedule. Set time limits for various agenda items to increase productivity while giving everyone an equal chance to contribute their ideas.

4. Prompter:

Effectively convey your ideas by taking advantage of the prompter feature. Draft your message beforehand, then display it seamlessly during meetings for maximum clarity, reduced communication barriers, and smooth dialogue.

5. Presentation on Whiteboard:

OCONNECT makes virtual whiteboard sessions collaborative and engaging experiences with its whiteboard presentation feature, enabling participants to brainstorm ideas, illustrate concepts, and increase participation through visually appealing presentation modes.

6. Ticker:

OCONNECT’s ticker feature offers an effective solution for keeping teams informed in real time by displaying updates, announcements, or key metrics at the bottom of your screen – it is a discreet yet efficient way of keeping everyone up-to-date and in the know.

7. CTA (Call to Action):

OCONNECT’s Call to Action feature makes it easy to organize post-meeting actions. Share links, resources, or next steps and encourage team members to take specific actions after the meeting ends – simplifying follow-ups while guaranteeing tangible outcomes from discussions.

8. Push A Link:

Need to share an article, document, or website during a meeting? OCONNECT’s Push A Link feature makes sharing instantaneously. Enhance collaboration by giving real-time access to essential resources without any interference in the meetings.


As technology evolves, video conferencing tools become an alternative to traditional face-to-face interactions. OCONNECT is a comprehensive video conferencing tool boasting various features to facilitate virtual collaboration. It provides everything necessary for modern virtual meetings to run efficiently and interactively.

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