“The real value of a person lives in what they provide and not in what they receive.”

Albert Einstein

It’s one of those lines that is suitably apt for this article, being generous makes us all a better person and will help us through our darkest phases.

While our world fights one of its worst pandemics in modern times, organizations are coming forward to support small businesses. Generosity generates its momentum, whether for organization, entrepreneurs, or individuals.

4 ways you can utilize our platforms to be more generous as business owners and provide back to the community when it requires your help most.

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Design Giveaways

Times like these, when practically the entire world is under a state of lockdown, and we are looking into the eyes of a global financial crisis, it is essential to encourage those around us. Social media platforms are an exceptional way to spread generosity. For example, you may offer a Free Gift Card to assist small local businesses. The random winners receive a gift card to buy from their favorite local small store. Giveaways generate a win-win situation for both your customers and the shop as well.

Join a Nonprofit

More and more businesses are rising up to the fact that employees are hungering for a true sense of faith in the workplace. Allow some time so that employees do nonprofit work. For example, you have businesses such as McDonald’s, supports the communities it assists through encouraging programs such as the House Charities and the National Scholarships.

Create an Awareness Campaign

Leverage social media and use the strength of hashtags to attain traction for your cause. You may create a campaign with a hashtag, and you will see people step up to fulfill your dreams for the underprivileged and the poor. When you see others display influence, you seek to follow it, and generosity is no different.

As part of spearheading be generous, you can even randomly distribute shirts displaying the campaign’s name. Any business owners can design similar awareness campaigns to promote their cause and drive more people on board.

Embrace Generosity as Priceless

Generosity is more than just writing a cheque. It’s more about distributing your talents, time, and treasures. It also implies supporting a volunteer work culture whenever you are able to.

When you get associated with charity campaigns, donate your time to listen to others and encourage them, it helps you, in turn, understand your own struggles and changes your perspective on life. You will strongly feel that once you open it up to others, it provides you tremendous strength and happiness.

GoFounders community helps you develop generosity that energizes, engages, and excites. An act of kindness can be as straightforward as sparing ten minutes of your day and taking a little bit of time to interact with someone or purchasing someone down on their luck a coffee or a meal to eat. And these little acts might make you merrier than anything else on a given day. Generous people are usually happier people, and happy people are the most successful.

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