Machine Learning

Google adds this effect via machine learning by predicting the image’s depth to produce a 3D representation.

Google Photos got a new feature called Cinematic photos, creating a 3D effect on some of the images. This feature is available in the memory section of the Google Photos app. These cinematic photos are used in their recent highlights at the top of the photo grid if an application is present.

The tech giant is also rolling out new themes for the Memories section that will include shots of the most influential people in your life.

These photos uploaded by users including activities like biking, hiking or pictures of the sunset.

It will even work if the original idea does not include the camera’s depth information to click it. The animation designed via a virtual camera that helps in creating a smooth panning effect.

Users will share these cinematic photos with friends and family as a video. 

Google also rolled out updated collage designs stylized using artificial intelligence. This feature picks photos of similar colours, fonts, and background details to improve the college’s layout.

There are more customizations in the memory area.

Users will have control whether they want to hide memories from a particular period or specific people.

To give the 3D effect to images, Google has used machine learning to predict a picture’s depth and produce a third-dimensional representation of it, even if the original idea did not include depth information from the camera. Then, Google animates a virtual camera for a smooth, panning effect.


Memories will allow users to control or hide specific people or periods that do not show up. Google started rolling out updated collage designs, stylized using AI.

The Mountain View-based firm is also adding new themes for memories. Memories will now surface photos of the most influential people, and soon, Google Photos will show Memories about favorite things such as sunsets, and activities like biking or hiking.

Highlights of New Featured Application

  • Google Photos rolled out with a new feature called cinematic photos that shares photos in 3D effect.
  • This feature rolled out for Android and iOS users. Users can disable the effect to photo settings.
  •  These photos announced some new features and effects that help bring your photos a life, quite literally. The images and video storage tool is rolling out a feature called cinematic images.
  • These photos help you relive your memories that feel more vivid and realistic. Once an image is ready in 3D effect, it will show up in the user’s recent highlights on the top of picture grids.

However, some users find it creepy on pictures that are slowly panning out of screens.

In such cases, users disable 3D:

         — Tap on your account profile photo

         — Go to Photos settings

         — Select Memories

         — Select Advanced

         — Toggle on or off Cinematic photos


Google has announced features that help users edit their photos using Google Photos. These will also roll out updated collage designs. 

Google’s cinematic photos will help relive memories in a way that feels more vivid and realistic. To do so, Google said it would use machine learning to predict an image’s depth and produce a 3D representation of the scene.

The new collages will bring more prosperous, artistically designed layouts populated and stylized using AI. It helps pick the right format for selecting photos by finding similar colours and using those to accent details like the font and background colour for a more cohesive look.

Google announced that it is going to set a limit on the storage of Google Photos. It will no longer offer unlimited free photo backup. As per Google’s new storage policy, it will start charging for the services and announced that any new photos and videos you upload would count toward the free 15 GB of storage that comes with every Google account.