Some businesses manage their business without paying any attention to their customer’s needs. They act according to their ideas and assumptions without having any knowledge of how relevant they are.

Customers shift to other business if you don’t meet their needs, especially for online shopping. In a survey, one customer said that they had broken up with a brand after just one poor experience.

Have a view about understanding customer needs. Let’s have an example, some customers’ needs examples, and you should focus on how you are treating your customers about what they need or want.

What Customer needs are?

The mean of customer needs is simple. They are the path which makes customers buy a product or service. But, the answer is very complicated when you go deeper. The physical and psychological motivators rely on each other. The term physical motivators are easy to understand. Psychological motivators are more complicated as they hide inside our brains.

Should think wisely and we can see the customer needs as convenience, reliability, affordable price, and service. Will discuss each in detail.

Physical Vs Psychological:

Physical needs are straightforward to understand and identify as they have a direct, measurable and tangible cause. Like, if you feel hungry, you need to eat. Physical needs will be like, why a customer needs our product or service.

Coming to psychological needs, these are the decision-making forces. They motivate customers to choose a particular brand over the competition. You have to ask customers directly to know their psychological needs.

Customer needs for reference:

Knowing your customer needs makes you provide your customers with more positive experiences. And this builds brand awareness. Customers want something like,

  • Value for their product or service.
  • Customer’s convenience while shopping which doesn’t waste their time.
  • Trustworthy services
  • Assisting your customers if anything goes wrong.

How to fulfil customer needs?

Here are some tips or ways where you can have an idea on how to meet your customer’s needs.

  1. Feedback from customers:

Knowing your customer feedback makes you know about your customer entirely like what they like and think about your product or service.

Most of the companies use this strategy to understand their customer needs. For example, Apple delivers richer functionality for iPhones, iPods, Apple watches, and Macbooks.

They deliver an updated model for each product with all the latest features. There are many ways to know your customer needs; most used methods are:


Surveys help you to know the customer needs effectively by surveying in person via phone or using any online tool.

Use shoot out questions which makes your customers express what’s on their mind without giving any options.

Social listening:

Social tracking is also a great way to identify your customer needs. Most of the people are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and speak their thoughts about the products and services. Keeping an eye on their opinions and frustrations helps you to know and fulfil their needs.

2. Monitor your competitors:

Your competitors can motivate your customers’ needs and can grab them, so pay attention to your competitors.

You are not just competing with local business, and even other countries can influence your customers as the internet usage is increased to purchase a product or service. So, keep an eye closing on your competitors and make a strategy according to that.

3. Customer needs statement:

Create a customer need statement used in customer service, marketing, and product development that take an initiative to offer an in-depth overview of the customer.

It helps to analyze each product benefits, features to fulfil the needs of the customers. Think in the customer’s point of view and act to that. There are no rules to create a statement. So, it should cover the following…

Who they are: It will be helpful to know the details of your customers like age, gender, marital status, location etc.

What they buy

How they buy

How much they can afford

What are their expectations?

4.  Prepare a strategy to implement customer needs:

You know all the things that you have to do and prepare a strategy according to the inputs. Think about what to do next, how to improve, analyzing the need for additional resources, etc.

Well, will discuss with an example, if your customer wants to know the details of your product or service and express their frustration about your customer service team. Use a live chat option to assist your customers with the information they need and to save time and avoid their frustration.

These are ways to identify the needs of the customer. Analyze properly and act accordingly.