Graphics Title Best Features Of Online Accounting Software

Accounting is an essential part of any business. Purchase orders, invoices are the standard documents that any business receives and generates. An online Accounting enables the privileged users to edit or view those documents and create a new one. 

Traditional accounting system restricts the application flow to a specific location or a software system. Reference information required during the absence of any concerned employee turns the work complex and consumes a significant amount of time and effort. 

Significance of Accounting software online

Automates the workflow:  Financial transactions need a lot of entry. When done manually, it involves a lot of complexities. Errors are likely to creep in due to which business reputation can be at a loss. So, do not take chances to commit mistakes. So, adopting an accounting software helps for efficient entry of data less prone to errors, avoids redundancy and retrieves information quickly based on search criteria. 

Anywhere and anytime access: Data can be accessed even from a remote location.The work expedites even while working from a remote location. Moreover, sending emails can be avoided. Emails are prone to hacking. So, accounting software online treasures the business data by ensuring high-security credentials for the software.

Data Backup: Significant updates occur concerning accounting. It could be a document stating the pending approval list, active payments, debts etc. All these documents go through updates and enhancements. So, creating a backup file is essential, for it can serve future purposes in case of loss of any existing data. 

Features of accounting software online 

Invoice tracking: On a timely basis, many payments happen. Tracking every transaction is essential. Some payments are accomplished on time while some may remain due, and at the same time, the due time might also vary. So, keeping track of these is not easy at the human level, So the accounting software enables tracking these activities with ease and simplicity. 

Payment gateways integration: Online accounting software must be integrated with payment gateways, as money transactions happen regularly. Paypal, Amazon pay are some of the payment gateways. 

Benefits banks: Banks and their customers can gain the best advantage with the software. Using the software, the customers can connect with the banks to transact to make payments and receive any transaction documents. 

Withdrawals, savings, loans assignment, credit and debit card transactions are some of the key banking activities. Moving them online saves valuable time and effort as any updates pertaining to any transactions can be instantly known. 

Dashboard: The complete dashboard giving a complete assessment of how things are working. Thus, it paves the way to identify loopholes, find alternatives, improvise the existing functionalities and seek new ones. Finally, last but not least, the accounting software best generates analysis through dashboards.

ONPASSIVE Accounting Software 

Right and effective accounting system ensures effective and quality outputs. While work expedition is guaranteed. Holding some awesome features, ONPASSIVE’s accounting system took the form of O-Counting. 

Easy tracking of payments and receivables, executing multiple accounts, remote access of any financial information, data security, customization, huge data maintenance stand as some significant features of the product. 


Tracking the flow of money for any business accounting is essential, and of course, the right products can accomplish this task easily, maintaining quality and productivity. Gain more and derive the best advantage of ONPASSIVE’s O-Counting for your accounting system.