Increase Business Growth with URL Shortener

Social media marketing is becoming popular in promoting your product by making it stand out in the market. It is not just about connecting with friends and engaging in entertainment news; It is also about drawing an impressive client based on the service or product of your brand. Creating visibility for your product and knowing the efficient way to do it is essential. 

Link shortening is one of the best ways for modern businesses to create brand visibility. Customizing or shortening your link may sound very easy and simple; however, the outcome of such an exercise can drastically change the growth of your business. If you want to use social media marketing, you must understand the benefits of a URL link shortener for posting your varied content. 

What are the benefits of a URL shortener?

The following are some of the key benefits of leveraging a URL shortener:

  • Easy brand recognition

Have you ever gone through a link to a brand that is embedded inside a text? Do you go through the whole link before clicking it? That’s highly unlikely. We just look at the initial words and decide whether we need to click the URL or not. 

A URL shortener makes it easier for your readers to know what the link is all about in a matter of a few words. It immediately gives the name of your brand that is recognizable by the reader. 

  •  Pleasing to the eye

Don’t you feel irritated when reading an interesting post on social media with a long link right in the middle of the text? Now imagine how pleasing it would have been if there had been a short link instead of a long one. It would look aesthetically better and pleasing to the eye without breaking your concentration while reading an interesting post with random letters and numbers in the link. 

  •  More social sharing

Short URLs are easy to share on any social media platform. They don’t require much character space; hence, you can share them on platforms with a character restriction. 

You can easily recognize the brand, and your friends will also be able to share the same link with others because they will find it useful or interesting. This may help your brand reach various platforms in a matter of time. 

  •  Uncalled automatic shortening

Make sure to write something relevant in order to be easily understandable by the readers. A few platforms only accept short URLs; if you post one, they will shorten it with their built-in tool, which might not be acceptable to your brand. Hence, it is necessary to trim a few URLs before sharing them to those platforms. 

  •  Track the users

Many URL shorteners provide a feature of click tracking and analytics. By using this feature, you will be able to collect data about the number of clicks on the link; the devices used to follow the link and the location from which the clicks originate. This helps track the link’s success, which will adjust your strategies accordingly while making updates.

Why must you use OTRIM?

A new URL shortener, OTRIM, is recently launched by ONPASSIVE Technologies Pvt Ltd. It is an AI-powered URL shortener that is faster and more reliable than its competitors. This AI-driven tool will help boost your business by assisting with social media marketing strategies.

OTRIM will help your business grow with its unique features. The tool also allows you to create links based on the frequency of your business.

Final Thought

Brands improve the user experience through various methods on social media platforms; one of those methods is using URL shorteners that help make the content more appealing. They make the visual representation of the links better. URL shortening tools are often underestimated by marketing, although they help your business maximize its social media presence by nurturing a consistent brand identity.

OTRIM is an updated URL shortener tool that can help your business grow by customizing your brand’s URL. You can shorten and even change your URL as per your requirement. If you want to give your business a commendable boost, check out OTRIM and other products by ONPASSIVE that are specially designed to increase business ROI. 

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