How IP address Tracking Serve Businesses

IP address tracking helps to know the user location. Security is best ensured through IP address tracking software. Any malware and data theft can be identified with the software.

Reducing the risk factors enables greater productivity and quality output as the workflow turns seamless. However, any system prone to insecurity is likely to damage business reputation and cause loss of effort, finance and time.

Following information details more about IP address tracking. Let us look at them below.

IP Address Tracking

Each system accessing web applications has a unique IP address that can be tracked using an IP address tracking software.

When do we need IP address tracking?

IP address tracking is foremost essential to identify any illegal activities happening over the web. If any copyright standards are not met, one can trace the IP address of those users who have attempted it. It also helps to identify the source behind any spam or phishing emails.

Sales happen through various e-commerce websites. Therefore, websites need to provide privacy and security features for the customers and the clients. In addition, finance flow across the businesses. Hence, if any unauthentic ways are adopted for money transfers, IP address tracking helps to take the necessary legal actions.

What is the useful information attained through IP address tracking?

IP address tracking helps to know the city and the area code and Internet Service Provider. It also enables to compare blacklisted IP addresses so that future transactions happen securely.

How to hide an IP address?

A Virtual Private Network(VPN) hides the IP address, and thereby the geographical location. Especially while using a WiFi network, the VPN ensures data privacy and security, hiding the user activities from outsiders through data encryption.

Pros and cons of IP address tracking

  • As IP address tracking helps identify the user’s location, businesses can know the most relevant audience globally.
  • Helps identify the user interests and expectations through assessing the engagement rates.
  • Focusing more on user expectations through improved services generates huge ROI
  • Systems can maintain both static and dynamic IP addresses. Static IP addresses remain the same forever, and it is easy for any Marketing team to assess user performance. However, systems maintaining dynamic IP addresses are on the safe side, while for trackers, it is difficult. Best tools can overcome such problems.

Know the best tools

Marketing ideas are built to promote any business growth. As part of it, tools aid the process. Automation, efficiency and timely results are some significant aspects of any tool. Moreover, IP address tracking serves as a key feature for any business marketing as one can gain deeper insight into any customer base.

O) Tracker is an IP address tracking software built to track IP addresses to analyze the daily visitor count for your website, amplify customer reach and target the right people. The tool also generates Heat maps to identify click density, while the AI reports help analyze the user activities easily.

At the same time, some businesses require privacy. What can best serve them in hiding the IP address? VPN serves as the answer, for it can create secured access. O-Virtual is a VPN product of ONPASSIVE that enables browsing through a secured internet connection.


Having gained knowledge about how IP address tracking can fulfil business promotions and security, now it is time to choose the best source to aid it.

Whether it is to build a secure network or encourage marketing strategies, ONPASSIVE has solutions. Leveraging the tools will produce the optimum results for any business.