Human Resource (HR) is a function that bridges the direct connection between employee aspirations and their needs. It ensures that employees are happy working in an organization to retain loyalty and boost productivity in return. However, administrative and documentation occupy a large share of HR personnel work that they left with very little time for employee engagement.

Nevertheless, advanced technological solutions have enabled significant change in the working of today’s HR professionals. The HR department is no longer about handling piles of files and documents at workplaces. Today, with Cloud-Based Human Resource Software, HR professionals are able to manage demanding HR tasks effortlessly. Such as onboarding, payroll, leave etc.

Following are some key solutions that cloud-based HR software provide to streamline the entire process with ease.

A smart recruitment portal

This portal provides a platform where candidates can easily submit their resumes or CVs to apply for various job positions. An HR cloud software will then scan these applications for keywords (relevant to job requirements) and forward an alert to the recruiter for further consideration. This eliminates the need for manual scanning of hundreds of applications for the deserving candidate. If an application is shortlisted, interviews can be scheduled automatically, depending upon the availability of both parties.

Document scanning & appointment letter

A cloud HR software makes the candidate appointment process much more manageable. The documents of selected candidate are sent to external service providers for background verification. After document scanning and verification, the appointment letter is issued to the candidate through encrypted mail for data security purposes. The candidate can digitally sign the offer letter. The documents are saved for future references.

Onboarding & payroll inputs

The advanced HR software offers a completely automated onboarding module that does not necessarily require any physical interaction. When onboarding of the employee completes, joining data and banking details will be transferred automatically to the payroll department for further processing.

Tracking leave and attendance

The payroll department has to create an employee account. The system then will generate attendance data and leave a quota based on the joining date.

Training scheduler

Companies can schedule a training calendar for each of its employee with the help of cloud HR software. It assists companies in scheduling compulsory and functional training to track it for compliance.

Performance assessment, salary updates and promotion management

While employee performance assessment is a crucial function of the HR department, cloud HR software makes it easy to track employee performance in real-time.

It entirely manages employee’s life cycle. Performance goals can also be tracked for deciding salary change or promotions. The tracked data then automatically forwarded to payroll for further processing.

Employee engagement, rewards and recognition

An HR software enables a channel of communication and collaboration among employees to retain active engagement. Employees can effortlessly access the information of their salary and other perquisites anytime.

The software computes mandatory bonuses or production/sales incentives on a set formula. Additionally, rewards or recognition can be saved in the employee profile for any references.

Payroll management

This is one of the most critical functions of cloud-based HR software. It includes management of collecting & collation of pay inputs, statutory compliances, accounting, bank file transfer, computation of pay MIS etc.

Benefits and Medical/Life insurance tracker

Automated software solutions can easily manage various employee benefits like provident fund, gratuity, ESOPS etc. It can also track medical/life insurance enrolments, nominations etc.

Employee queries, HR rules, policies

AI-enabled chat-bots help HR in answering standard queries from employees about their pay or other policies. These responses are automatically generated in either voice or text.


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