How is Integrating LMS With HRMS Beneficial For Businesses

Every corporate establishment constantly strives to achieve employee upskilling. It runs various employee engagement drives, assesses KRAs (Key Result Areas) and implements learning development programs as the measures to deliver more efficient output. 

Today, many established organizations are considering integrating LMS (Learning Management System) with the HRMS software to ensure enhanced operation of its workflow.

Following are some of the key advantages of HRMS and LMS integration:

Employee growth through combined capabilities

The moment you hire your employees, you gain access to examine their talents and skills. What if the integrated system does that on your behalf? You can focus on core tasks by saving much of your time. The integration of HRMS and LMS software enables your workforce to avail of relevant and valuable content. Thereby they can use it for the improvement in their daily workflow.

Besides that, it fosters personalized learning, which helps employees boost their engagement. It incorporates a learning campaign for each stage of the employee lifecycle. Such a campaign can be implemented to allow professionals to keep harnessing their skills with advanced learning modules. Thereby grow and upscale with the company.

Enable direct access to learning campaigns and materials 

If your employees seek special training, they do not need to go to the respective HR SPOCs anymore. They can gain all the knowledge or opt for a training session made available with the data taken directly from HR software. 

For example, suppose an employee is willing to be promoted to a higher position. In that case, all he needs to do is, access the system, acquire the skill needed for a specific position, and help himself get there in the hierarchy. 

A collaborative, integrated system enables employees working from different locations across the globe, join training sessions and seminars.

Foster career development in an effortless manner

It becomes much easier for employees to avail the best functionalities of HRIS software through an integrated system in place. Thereby, employers and T&D administrators can take advantages of several resources, modules, and integrated resources in the system to make the learning process more interactive and efficient. This, in turn, makes career development an effortless task.

Reward employees for improvement and upskilling

The Performance Tracking & Assessment, an extended feature of the HRMS software, when combined with the learning & development progress of the employees, help companies recognize the improvement and upskilling. Thereby, rewarding and acknowledging employee’s growth becomes easier.

In addition, there are various rewarding examples such as virtual money, cashback offers, online gift vouchers, and redeemable reward points that the employees can be acknowledged with.

Grievance redressal with ease and convenience

As the task of HRMS software largely includes ensuring employee engagement and satisfaction, grievance redressal is handled with the top priority. Eventually, the entire process of L&M or T&D is supervised using the HR software and any issues or challenges faced by employees are resolved quickly.

Moreover, options like instant messengers and chatbots are availed to talk to the support team. Employees can also seek remote access from the IT team and gain satisfaction with their problems being resolved within seconds.  


As discussed in the article, you can draw great deal advantages with integrating LMS and HRMS at your organization. It helps you streamline employee management, get insights into talent better, set the tone and expectations early on etc. Now, get rid of the inflexible conventional approach and embrace the advanced and integrated way of managing the learning and development of your workforce to maximize organizational efficiency.

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