We might be far from the objectives of Cognitive AI, i.e., to simulate human thought. However, AI is already in use in today’s world. Wherever you look and whatever you do online, any search or automation is backed by the implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

If you have booked a cab using Uber or searched a movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime, then we assure you that you came across the implementation of AI. The AI algorithms are now recommending movies, products to buy, and suggesting vacations based on your online search history.

AI’s impact is not untouched in the sales industry. B2B and B2C companies are already turning their tables with the use of AI in their system. As per McKinsey Research, sales teams have observed a 50% increase in leads and appointments after the adoption of AI.

ONPASSIVE is an IT company that is about to launch AI solutions to mark its presence in the field of online purchase and sales sectors.

Below we have listed down 5 ways ONPASSIVE AI would impact Sales:

Price Optimization:

With ONPASSIVE AI, you need not have to take manual inputs for planning discounts and pricing of products. The AI solutions take into consideration multiple factors for optimizing the price of products – the size of the industry, product specifications, territory and marketplace, number of competitors, influencers, client’s ability to spend, and the timing. Based on these factors, the AI helps you to compare competitor’s pricing strategy with yours and suggests the best suitable price for your products that can attract customers.

Automation of Sales Activities:

The AI-driven tools efficiently automate your sales operations for high productivity and data-driven optimizations. These tools help you to streamline sales activities such as gathering customer information, forecast and determine customer needs, taking product orders and processing sales, preparing contracts, finalizing budget requirements, and closing deals.

Continuous Connection with Prospects and Customers:

Prediction suggests that 85% of the customers will manage their relationships with AI-driven companies without human interaction. ONPASSIVE’s Chatbots are designed to give a feeling of human being interacting with the customers.

On top of this, these bots are 24/7 available to receive queries and answer back on behalf of your customer support teams. Chances of errors do not exist, and you receive an on-going reporting mechanism for the CRM process. Based on the data received, you could identify what’s going wrong and where improvement is required.

Predictable Upselling and Cross-Selling:

Stop advertising your products to those who most likely aren’t into buying your products. With the help of ONPASSIVE AI, you could very easily define your target audience who are interested in products similar to yours and build promotional strategies to advertise products that generate more ROIs.

Not only that, you could sell different products to existing customers with the right set of contents auto-created to nurture and educate them.

Performance Management:

Keeping an eye on the performance of sales team members is a huge challenge. Employee retention in the field of sales continues to be an issue.

The average tenure of sales professionals is 1.5 years, and the main reason behind it is the lack of tracking and monitoring of their performance, which impacts their commission, further leading to dissatisfaction.

The sales AI tool offered by ONPASSIVE could help you resolve this issue. It has a centralized dashboard that collates each sales professional’s data and allows you to keep a check on the performance. It helps you identify the best performers and least performing professionals. Rewarding and re-training activities could be decided based on the collated data.

Although there are many more benefits of using ONPASSIVE’ AI-driven sales tool, however, the points mentioned above are broad-level advantages through which companies could improve their sales activities. It helps you to connect every missing dot and show better results by enhancing pricing strategies, predictions, sales, and performance.