Startup Business

If you are starting a business, it is vital that you know what type of equipment you need and what suppliers of office furniture and hardware you will have to select from.

Following is an essential equipment checklist you should consider making while getting your startup business off the ground: 

Internet and WiFi 

To operate an enterprise successfully, you will need to secure a high-speed internet WiFi connection. Even if you are operating your company from a home-based station, it will be wiser to get business-class internet instead of residential internet. By opting for business-class internet, you will get higher download and upload speeds. It will offer you symmetrical connection, upload speeds of over 1 Gbps, a static IP address, and a dedicated internet line. Features like these will make it simpler for you to host larger websites, download larger files and enable seamless video conferencing. 

Apart from having a speedy and secure internet connection, investing in a commercial-grade firewall is important. It will protect your connected network from threats and cyberattacks.   

Office furniture 

When it comes to office furniture, the essential items you should have are the desk and chair. Then you will want to invest in filing cabinets, computer carts, office chairs, and other items. The types of furnishings that you purchase will depend on what type of business you are running. For example, a law firm won’t require as many items as a cosmetic practice does. But no matter what you are dealing with, you will still need to buy office furniture.

Desks & chairs: While you select designs for office desks and chairs, make sure you prioritize comfort. Because a comfortable sitting arrangement will promote productivity. 

As shown by the studies, sitting for long hours may lead to several health concerns. Thus, opt for a hybrid standing desk that will allow your employees to sit or stand throughout the working hours. Moreover, you can also think of an ergonomic chair to help you maintain your posture and productivity. 

Multi-function printer: Consider investing in a commercial printer as it reduces downtime and support multi-functionality. It also offers field-service technical support that you may need for resolving any issue. 

Filing cabinets: Filing cabinets provide you with enough space to organize all of your valuable business documents. Ultimately, a well-organized office space promotes seamless office work. 

Decorative accents: A study has shown that including soft spaces and areas to relax and hang out can boost productivity. Thus, consider adding some decorative pieces to the office space. 

Work phone and computer

The next item on the list is your work phone or mobile phone as your business must have a way to communicate with customers and employees. 

To balance your personal and business life, you must separate them from each other. As you get a phone and a computer for personal use, also consider getting these devices exclusively for office use only.

A business phone might appear as an unnecessary investment. However, your life will become much easier if you separate your personal and business conversations. Moreover, a secondary number will help your business look more professional.

Ensure that both the devices (business phone and computer) have an identical operating system. 

Understand your business needs before you purchase computer systems for your business. If your business operates in a creative domain, consider getting a hybrid computer system with touchscreen capabilities. 

Besides that, invest some amount in a technology budget for the team. Through such a budget, offer the identical laptops and additional accessories to your employees across the company. 


Following are some of the crucial B2B software that you should consider for investing into: 

  • Accounting software: Consider investing in cloud accounting software that will help you track your daily transactions. Besides that, it sets traceable financial projections for your business. 
  • Point of Sale software: You will need POS software for your business to facilitate seamless payments and purchases.
  • HR software: Having HR software will help you manage a variety of your HR activities, including hiring and payroll. The right HR software will help you maintain a healthy and productive business culture.

Consider opting for O-Staff from ONPASSIVE, an AI-powered next-gen HRMS tool. It offers efficient and cost-effective HR solutions. 


The equipment checklist includes everything you need to start your business. All of the things you need to purchase will be listed on the equipment list you create prior to opening your business. Once you have created the list, you can go through it and mark items that you know you will need for your business within your first day of opening. This way, you can make sure that you really don’t forget anything important. Once you have everything in place, then you can start shopping around for the perfect office supplies.