Types of Events by Companies

Usually, when we talk about events, people visualize a live rock event or musical night show. But what if we ask if you know about events used for marketing purpose?

You might not have attended such an event, but we are sure that you must have heard about such events. Not sure? Have you watched videos of Apple Inc. launching new versions of iPhones in front of a large audience? That’s a marketing event.

Earlier (on this article) we have already explained how live events are turning the table by optimizing marketing strategies.

Now, we will try to explain different types of events that any big or small businesses can adopt for various marketing activities:

  • Conferences: These are the formal meetings to share ideas or problems on particular topic like-minded professionals. These conferences could last for a day or many days and are generally formal by nature. Conferences are focused on learning from leaders of a similar industry but don’t support two-way conversation. Usually, speakers such as industry leaders or guest speakers hold the audience’s attention by sharing insights on what they did to resolve issues and how they achieved something big.
  • Trade Show: These events are dedicated to launch new products or showcase the best performing products. Such events also cover aspects of a rival company’s strategies and identify new trends and opportunities. Apple’s iPhone launch events are good examples of a trade show where the company demonstrates functions of the new iPhone and how it is better than the previous versions.
  • Expo: It is a short form of Exposition and is considered as a global event to educate the public by sharing new methods of doing things, promoting progress, and fostering support from the customers. Expos are usually considered as hybrids of trade shows and conferences. Such events are not only to demonstrate what you have in the plate for others but also to learn from others. An Expo is a way to get in touch with other experts from the same industry and learn from the best.
  • Seminars: Seminars are usually conducted with a small group of the audience consisting of only a few attendees, such as B2B marketers, to discuss issues. One person, let’s say a marketer, will be in charge of presenting the brief of an issue and the solution which a company could implement. The other participating members can later pass on feedback on the solution provided. Based on that modifications could be made in the plan and also in the execution.
  • Internal Meetings and Periodic Business Reviews: Such events are conducted within an organization to share progress, issues, resolution, next plan-of-action and deadlines. These internal meetings are usually conducted on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Most of the companies also prefer to schedule Yearly review meetings to check how effective business plans were for last year and what could be improvised in the coming year.
  • Networking Events: A networking event provides opportunities to meet people with related business interests and interact with one another to recognize gaps in their own business plan where they can venture into for better business. Such events are useful for establishing relationships and networks with like-minded people in the industry.

In this article, we hope you understood 6 events as mentioned above, which are majorly focused on providing a networking and learning experience to the participants. In the next article, we will go through the remaining 6 events which are designed to offer better long-lasting experiences to the participants.

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