Email marketing

Despite the increasing number of marketing platforms in the digital world, email marketing remains a strong marketing tool for small to mid-sized companies due to its cost-effective technique and straightforward approach.

Email marketing also allows businesses to communicate with each customer individually. Experienced retailers who use marketing automation tools to leverage categorization or individuals or create consumer journeys are familiar with the idea. Not only that, as per the survey, the number of email users is projected to exceed 4.3 billion by 2023, implying that email marketing is a must-have for brands looking to extend their market reach and increase sales.

But how does email marketing work? For that, first, let’s understand what is email marketing and campaign and the use of NLP and ML in Email Campaign.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a popular marketing method that uses email to advertise the company’s goods or services. It’s a kind of direct marketing as well as digital marketing. By incorporating it into your content automation campaigns, it will help keep your customers aware of the newest products or deals. Via various forms of marketing emails, it can also play a key role in your marketing campaign by generating leads, raising brand interest, establishing partnerships, and keeping consumers interested in between transactions.

One can reach out to their customer base at once using an efficient email marketing tool like O-Post by ONPASSIVE. With O-Post one can also fulfil all e-mail marketing requirements.

What is Email Campaign?

An email campaign is one of the marketing strategies. It is a collection of individual emails sent over a fixed period with a single goal in mind. Downloading a white paper, signing up for a webinar, or making an order are several examples of particular reasons or calls-to-action (CTAs). To accomplish the campaign’s aim, each email must have a well-written subject line, relevant material, and a clear call to action.

Use of NLP and ML in Email Campaign

Email marketing is no longer guided by a marketer’s instinct. Email marketing strategy is much more effective than it was a few years before, thanks to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Have you considered incorporating NLP and ML in the Email Campaign? If not, check out few reasons why you should:

Perform Bandit Testing

Marketers will now conduct multi-armed bandit training while multitasking thanks to AI technology. All of this is possible thanks to AI, which allows for continuous testing, deployment, and improvement of outcomes all at the same time. You can measure anything from photos to content to the time it takes to send emails using this method of evaluating your email campaign’s success. As a result, you can easily recognise email patterns, make forecasts, and guarantee that only the best-performing campaign version hits your prospects using AI tests.

Create Engaging Content

AI technology allows marketing decisions based on buyer profile research, assisting marketers in creating appropriate email content capable of achieving the best campaign performance. It allows email marketers to create convincing and personalised subject lines that pique subscribers’ interest and inspire them to open the email.

Divide Email Subscribers

The success of your campaigns depends on having a segmented email list of subscribers. In contrast to non-segmented email campaigns, figures show that segmented email campaigns will help raise sales by 760 per cent. However, marketers face a difficult task in segmenting a list from vast troves of data. To fix these issues, email marketers can incorporate machine learning technologies into their email list segmentation platform, allowing AI to perform informative segmentation with ease.

Determine Email Copy

Machine learning, natural language creation, and natural language modelling were used by companies like Persado and Touchstone to generate subject lines and other copy for their email campaigns. Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will help you review all of your previous marketing copy and find techniques that work for your business. In this way, machine-generated language allows email marketers like you to write email copy that is consistent with your brand voice, which is greater than human-generated marketing content in certain ways.


To summarise, artificial intelligence (AI) is present in all aspects of life. Making the most of AI and related technologies is important for converting your email marketing strategies into a profitable lead and revenue-generating campaign. Your email campaigns would almost certainly do well if machine learning and natural language processing are well integrated. So, switching to an integrated AI enhance email marketing tool, contact us.