Business Productivity

The way we work is rapidly changing, and a lot of credit for it goes to technological advancements like artificial intelligence. Two years ago, A Gartner report said that “7 percent of topnotch companies rank artificial intelligence and machine learning as a game-changing technology. But within just a year, it raised up to 40 percent.

A study from Gartner mentions that the implementation of AI technology will generate up to $2.9 trillion in business value and reclaim 6.2 billion hours of worker productivity by the next year (2021). One of the vital aspects of AI is how it can be augmented to allow individual knowledge workers, enhancing their productivity and enabling them with timely information and key business objectives.

Additional Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There are several potential benefits of AI for businesses, to start with, AI has the ability to gather huge amounts of data. What is all the fuzz about “data”? Well, in most industries and several marketing terms today, “data is the new oil”. Due to its influential benefits, it is extremely vital for businesses and their productivity. AI is helping in reducing the manual efforts and also by adding value to increase productivity all around. 

Also, it works on learning the data, understand it thoroughly, and makes sure that it is implemented correctly. AI programs can crawl into gathered information quickly and understand complex patterns humans cannot.

This can boost productivity and production by allowing a company to gain insights and make better marketing decisions to drive product. From this collected data and insights, AI will be able to offer companies a prediction of upcoming opportunities and recommendations on how to take the next step. Not only is it helping companies with predictive data, but also authoritative information to act on.

What form does this take? How can ONPASSIVE help Businesses adopt AI, and how will it benefit the ones who do?

ONPASSIVE AI and Customer Satisfaction

With its ability to understand natural language better than anyone, companies are utilizing AI for customer service chats. AI tools from the ONPASSIVE Eco-System can be deployed to respond to basic information requests or simple queries of a customer almost instantly; automated chatbots are well-programmed to answer in a very realistic and natural matter to give customers a good experience.

This can help businesses be more productive by utilizing the reduced time to focus on other important activities and allowing customers to still avail a personal and accurate interaction. Furthermore, this will help companies to spend less budget on customer service employees and invest more in other areas, like sales, marketing, or engineering.

Artificial Intelligence and the Hiring Process

Any individual who has ever worked in HR recruitment programs would know how time-consuming and expensive it can be. With such time and energy being spent on identifying eligible candidates, reviewing resumes, interviewing several potential employees, recruiters are constantly looking for ways that can streamline this process. Artificial intelligence has been utilized by businesses to help make this process simpler and smoother.

Tools like, which helps a company in scheduling interviews, and ClearFit, which identify and rank candidates, can be of much help to businesses in saving time and money. Artificial intelligence is expected to increase productivity by 40% or more.

ONPASSIVE AI for Business productivity and Automated Work

Since many companies are using AI to automate cognitive workflow, it has influenced others to follow the same steps in implementing AI in their business. Several businesses like cognitive automation companies are using artificial intelligence to automate their workflow for years. ONPASSIVE AI can be used to cut down on tedious work, by using automation features to automate work that’s unpopular. Which, in turn, will help you increase productivity.

Companies are looking towards many technological advancements to find ways to boost their production and bring innovation. ONPASSIVE makes it easy for businesses to use this opportunity and deploy Artificial intelligence in their wor flow. AI for business productivity is the hottest field that is allowing businesses to dream and achieve more.

Businesses should look at all the ways AI can help them in order to gain the competitive edge they’re always looking for, at least, avoid being left behind.