ONPASSIVE Automation

While running our businesses, we all could use a little extra help. Whether having a personal assistant, a virtual assistant or simply Google Assistant, sometimes it may feel like too much to do to keep up with all the moving pieces. Additional responsibilities demand more attention, decreasing productivity and increasing overall stress levels.

The worst that can possibly happen is that potential leads and opportunities slipping through the cracks. There are chances that you may skip to respond to a potential client because they may have messaged you on Facebook, where you already had more than a hundred other unopened messages. Or, you may not have logged into your weekly calendar for many hours to respond to emails.

Thankfully, we have automation technology with the ONPASSIVE plug-and-play tools to help us. It works for you to move forward, so you don’t have to continue to commit chunks of your weekly schedule to run operations or delegating and then overseeing those delegations. It also helps eliminate the margin of human error. If you’ve ever been curious about how ONPASSIVE automation technology can help in your productivity, regardless of your type of business. Here is how.

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Determine what doesn’t require your mind power

The reason to rely on ONPASSIVE technology is as simple as that your mind power is precious, and it helps you preserve your brain-power for productivity and creativity sessions. Do a detailed survey of your day, and you’ll see that several tasks eat up most of your time and don’t require your effort. And one of the most praised advantages of automation is its ability to save time.

Have you ever imagined how much you could drive your business if you had ONPASSIVE at your service for automating your tasks? That’s a lot of extra time for strategy, creation, and working on the big projects.

Understand how automated technology can enhance your client experience

ONPASSIVE automated technology can also improve your customer’s experience in a way you have never thought before. Having to respond to your customer’s queries, then follow up without a response — is extra work that you have never considered previously.

Automated technology like chatbot can get a bad reputation, but when done thoughtfully, it can drastically increase your conversion rate. The possibilities for automated technology extend beyond cleaning up your to-do list. And companies of all sizes are using it to add to their features in both revolutionary and straightforward ways. At the heart of it, automation technology empowers companies to serve customers better than the business could before.

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Test on a small scale first

The best exercise to make sure you feel in control and that it works for you, don’t begin by completely reconstructing the typical way you do business, as this can lead to a significant disadvantage in the future. Slowly execute one new technology (or increase the scale of the technology’s tasks slowly) per week to make sure that you know what’s going on and can brief your team members.

Leaning on technology is one of the best productivity drivers that entrepreneurs can try. But, they have to understand how it will work within their own business and build the right infrastructure for it.

Automated technology by no means can be adopted overnight, but it’s the first step to take the load of the small tasks off your shoulders, so we can reserve your creativity and energy for efforts that help you move forward in our business. Businesses of all types and sizes are finding numerous ways to make automated technology work for them, and productivity is increasing as a result. Try it for yourself with ONPASSIVE and see how it can improve your business’s ability to serve.