ONPASSIVE AI solutions

We are already noticing a paradigm shift in the way companies used to perform their business earlier. Today, the entire focus is on driving their business online. In fact, more than 65% of the companies that launch every year make sure they have a company website.

And why should they not? Data suggests that nearly 47% of the customers, across different industries, visit the company website, and 55% of online users trust online reviews before making a buying decision.

As per estimation, 95% of purchases will be attributed to eCommerce companies by 2040. 71% of people believe online deals are better than the ones offered in physical stores.

These numbers are a few of many that support the idea of starting an online business. Business owners could make the most out of billions of opportunities created online.

ONPASSIVE is an Artificial Intelligence company that creates tools to provide end-to-end business solutions. With the help of ONPASSIVE tools, you can achieve high productivity, ROI, and insights into your business operations.

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Below are the ways ONPASSIVE will help you become future-ready:

1. Insight to Market Trend:

With the help of ONPASSIVE AI solutions, your business receives access to vast data that gives insights into market trends. ONPASSIVE tools are smart to make recommendations by using these insights to design content and promotional strategies.

The market pattern could also help you identify future demands, and you could pass the same information to your research and development team to design products that fit customer needs.

2. Automated Sales and Lead Generation:

Once you become the founder of the company, you receive access to the tools that help you automatically design your content based on the customer database collected from various data points. When the content is customized, keeping individual customers in mind, then it ensures reception of high engagement rates and emails open rates.

Personalized content also improves the lead generation process with high conversion rates and customer lifetime value. Sales of the company increase since the customers receive relevant information about the product or service they are searching online. Tracking and delivery of the packages become easy, and customers are shared real-time data of their orders.

3. End-to-End Business Automation:

In the world of technology, who wants to have manual and mundane processes? ONPASSIVE AI tools, once installed, first automate redundant activities that consume most of the human efforts and time. Once such activities are automated, then comes the turn of the heavy task force that requires critical data to streamline.

4. Handle Multiple Businesses At Once:

Since the automation takes over the entire business operations, it creates an opportunity to manage multiple businesses at the same time. Similar action items using the same templates get automated simultaneously. The same resources could be utilized to manage different business activities. Ai-driven Staff Manager and Check-List tools help you to auto-assign tasks and monitor the performance.

5. Have Online Presence in No Time:

ONPASSIVE AI solutions launch your business online with the help of an in-house developed domain registration platform. ONPASSIVE’s website builder tool helps you select the best matching theme from thousands of the options available for your company website. The AI-driven tools also create company profile pages on social media channels for building a community of existing and potential customers.

With the help of the points explained above, you can understand that ONPASSIVE is ready to launch its platform for small and upcoming companies that want to be technologically advanced, gain more traction, and generate more revenue with the help of complete automation.

Register today and become future-ready by overcoming obstacles and eliminating blockers that are holding you back from reaching heights and achieving success.

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