ONPASSIVE platform

According to a recent poll of entrepreneurs, 29.5% of entrepreneurs have accepted AI technology and its various benefits on businesses.

The ONPASSIVE platform is invented, keeping in mind the issues or the challenges most small businesses have to face in their day in and day out. These AI-driven tools are strategically developed into unique business solutions that deliver results. Once launched, these tools will help revolutionize your business by automating a portion of customer communications to determining product/market fit.

Irrespective of whether you are already using AI to grow your business or not, you may not be aware of all the benefits the ONPASSIVE platform has to offer. The ONPASSIVE platform has been developed for essential completion of every task, with AI-based tools offering several benefits including:

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  • Reducing the time spent on tasks
  • Lowering costs
  • Increasing results
  • Improving flexibility and responsiveness

Here are 4 ways how ONPASSIVE platform will help you achieve these benefits mentioned above and help your company grow uniquely:

AI-Infused CRM:

ONPASSIVE’s CRM system is specifically designed to gather customer data across all communication channels such as phone, email, and social with the focus of improving and automating the sales process. This CRM will help business owners analyze customer feedback and then automatically adjust marketing and lead generation activities based on that information.

The CRM will not help you generate more leads, but also will help you acquire marketing and sales relevant insights, optimizing the entire customer acquisition process.

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Research says most customers prefer: 53% of customers prefer to use online chat before calling a company. It is a communication platform that enables customers to get immediate responses. Think of it as a sales or a customer service representative that works for you 24/7. Chatbots are something you’ve already encountered before. If you have ever seen one of the popups when you visit a website asking if you have any queries, you’ve encountered a chatbot.

Small businesses that don’t have dedicated customer service or sales teams can use ONPASSIVE’s AI chatbot that can help lighten the pressure and allow you to focus your time on the tasks that matter most.

Competitive Intelligence:

Have you ever wished a way of analyzing digital information your competitors produce quickly and easily? Whether it is a written or video content to social media posts, the ONPASSIVE platform can do that for you. The AI-driven tool offered by ONPASSIVE will allow you to keep a check on everything your competitors do online, gather their data, and then extract it into easy to read reports.

This tool will let you gather much more detailed information faster, allow you to respond quickly and more efficiently adapt to changes in your industry that can affect your business.

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Human Resource:

ONPASSIVE tools are being developed to help streamline your hiring and onboarding processes as well. It collects feedback from new employees about how HR can improve these processes, which have a real impact on a company’s bottom line. This tool automatically analyzes through hundreds of applicants and find those that most closely match your criteria.

Applying this tool in your business will not only help you reduce the time spent during the hiring process, but it also increases the number of quality applicants you receive.

ONPASSIVE’s tools and user-friendly applications will help your workflow be more efficient, and your customers happy. The ONPASSIVE platform not only will help you save time and resources but it also has the potential to make your life simple and your businesses more efficient and profitable. As you know, smart decisions now will benefit you later, and that’s an excellent first step on the entrepreneurial journey.