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The world is indeed going digital, and everything that used to be physical is online today, including books and other reading materials. However, people still prefer printed books and materials for day-to-day reading and reference purposes. Although going paperless has economic, environmental, and convenience advantages, but we are still very far from the day when people would prefer everything online.

As per research, nearly 40% of people are more inclined towards printed books than e-books, and nearly 37% of people prefer buying printed books instead of e-books.

The reason behind this is the need for a break from spending time looking at digital screens.

Similarly, 90% of customers and professionals prefer print materials, such as business cards, signs, catalogs, banners, flyers, pamphlets, etc. These printed materials generate a feeling of trust in a small company or a brand and also provide an intangible value as a medium for communication.

As per a survey, 70% of professionals agreed to have printed the same or more than the previous year.

85% of the consumers gain trust in the company based on the quality of print material shared with them.

So what are the print materials that are preferred as the source of communication and brand awareness?


Have you seen brand stickers displayed on cars, laptops, toolboxes? What role does it play? Stickers are the best tool for brand awareness. Customers who are loyal to the brands feel proud to display such stickers to people around them.


Again, flyers are the popular format of spreading awareness of an upcoming event or promotions. Once you come up with a very eye-catching design with the content highlighting the event, you need to figure out a method to distribute these flyers.

You could use convention halls or any events to distribute flyers to those who are interested in the events that you are promoting.

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Similar to flyers, the posters help in promoting events. Graphic designers are in great demand to create posters that visually attract customers and businesses by placing all the key information in a small amount of space.


Most of the professional communications between the clients and companies happen with the use of letterheads. As the name indicates, it includes the company name, logo, and address on top of the letter. It helps customers to focus on your attention to detail and allows them to understand how important their business is to you.

Business Cards:

One of the ways of increasing contacts within your customer and client base is by distributing business cards. Usually, either business owners or sales representatives carry these cards so that they could later remember to contact the person for business purposes. Thus, it has a huge role in the growth of the company and its business.


You might think about what role a calendar has to play in a company’s business. Then let us tell you that you could use calendars to remind your customers about your vision 365 days a year. You can now understand it has a major role in keeping a consistent connection between the customers and the brand.


One of the most effective tools for brand awareness is the use of bookmarks. When customers attend any business event, usually, they receive bookmarks with the brand name and creative quotations printed on the top. The advantage of bookmarks is similar to that of calendars. However, just like calendars, customers do not throw away bookmarks.


Similar to a digital newsletter, the purpose of physical newsletters is to inform customers about new products and services. However, customers forget to read newsletters when sent digitally as such emails get lost in many other received emails. But physical newsletters have a high rate of customer attention.


If your business is small and you have just added only a few of the products, then physical catalogs would be the most preferred way of displaying your products and features. Physical catalogs could prove to be the best source of brand and product awareness with the help of high-resolution images and beautifully crafted content printed on them.


These are magazine-style thin printed sheets, usually distributed in bi-fold or tri-fold formats. These brochures also contain images of products. However, these have mostly promotional content than only feature descriptions.

We hope you understand that physical printed materials are not out of the market now and have a long way to go. Preferred by 90% of professionals around the globe, these are still helping small and big businesses every day.

If you are looking for companies that could help you in designing and printing these business materials for your company, then suggest you look nowhere else.

ONPASSIVE will be helping companies that do not have their in-house printing house and are facing budget issues due to heavy dependency on third-party printing agencies. ONPASSIVE has in its list to create an AI-driven printing solution “Print Shop” that will be offering customizable designs and templates for all of the above print materials that suit your business and products.

After reading this, we are sure you might be interested to know how to get such attractive and beautifully crafted signs. Let us inform you that once you become a registered founder of GoFounders, you could use ONPASSIVE‘s Print Shop that allows you to design and print ground-mounted signs and building-mounted signs with content that could entice your audience and pull them towards your stores without you putting any effort.

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