Financial Services

What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) is to make available of a software through online instead of self availing it through the installation over an individual machine. Businesses have to proved to flourish with SaaS, and this includes even the financial sector.

SaaS in Financial Services

Financial organizations perform various activities, including finance plans, loan sanctions, maintaining credit and debit card transactions, withdrawals, cash maintenance, saving schemes and ATM management. With such activities, how is that the work operations are handled efficiently? The answer lies in implementing SaaS that proves to highly advantageous over the traditional system. Here below are a few of them:

Advantages of SaaS in financial services

  1. Robustness
  2. Ability to detect threats much earlier
  3. Highly secure
  4. Enables efficient workflow
  5. Scalable and agile
  6. Cost-effective and time-saving
  7. Increases performance levels
  8. Automates activity flow
  9. Generates innovative solutions
  10. User customization

With such advantages, who would not prefer using SaaS as a part of the workflow. Everyone does, right? So, all those financial organizations willing to flourish make it a part of your work strategy.

SaaS Model in Fintech

Fintech companies are realizing the need to implement SaaS Model as part of the workflow for its digitalization, customization, security compliance, etc. Before starting to implement SaaS in Fintech, gaining knowledge about the deployment methodologies proves to be fruitful.

Privileged access

Finance includes money, investment, lending and much above, the people’s effort. So, the system needs to maintain security to gain peoples trust and confidence. Organizations lending financial services have to pay utmost care and attention while rendering their services. Based on the roles, the users and the employees have to be assigned the privileges. Saas help achieve this by generating user-specific privileges. The system also enables defining and documenting the workflow to ensure that the workflow is properly managed and controlled without losing any secured data.

Protect against threat

The financial system is much liable to threat and insecurity. Hackers are at work to hack the passwords which are widely in use in this sector. So, this initiates the need to handle every transaction securely.

With the development of AI and ML-based security, things have proved to overcome security challenges and work intelligently towards developing innovative solutions. One such tool to offer that range of services is OTRACKER. This intelligent tool tracks the IP address of any user and identifies the location, timezone, and intelligently tracks the user intention while accessing any service. If found illegitimate, then all such users are moved to the blacklist and prevent any future actions in this case.

AI in SaaS

Define goals prior to implementing SaaS. This includes providing quality services to the customers.AI based systems enables this process by understanding the user requirements. Businesses have to face great competition in the market. In this instance, it is necessary to perform market research analysis to determine the plan and the methodologies. This is now easy with AI that helps read the current strategies, success stories and thereby help generate an effective plan. Knowing the market analysis about the pricing of Saas service is well know through AI-driven system that performs research analysis and gives the details of the prices so that one can choose the best.


No doubt, it is the choice of the small or large entrepreneurs to adopt SaaS as it has created its mark in FIntech. Before implementing such a system into our work, it is essential to know which best suits the business requirements considering factors such as price listing, productivity and employee strength. AI systems aid to this. Taking the help of them will achieve more incredible benefits, creating more efficiency.