COVID-19 pandemic has entirely transformed the way we live and work. It has massively impacted all sectors of the economy. However, digital marketing’s future looks bright in the post-COVID-19 era, owing to the exponentially evolving digital media. The accelerated development in technology has made it feasible for us to do everything in our home’s comfort seamlessly. In a way, the COVID-19 pandemic has enabled us to make better use of technology, from shopping to connecting with friends and relatives.

These transformations also apply to businesses. Organizations of all sizes are making efficient use of technology to connect and fulfill their customers’ needs and requirements. Brands have recognized the significance of digital marketing trends 2020 and its benefits. While many digital marketing trends 2020 were on the rise, businesses were still reliant on traditional marketing strategies. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed that. Thus, the future of digital marketing looks bright in the post-COVID-19 era.

Let’s check out the top digital marketing trends 2020 and understand how technology will change the future of digital marketing for good.

Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

#1: Outsourcing has Come to the Forefront 

Outsourcing of marketing services has become one of the significant digital marketing trends in 2020. Outsourcing is mainly popular among small businesses that do not have enough marketing budget to hire marketing professionals. 

Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic has primarily impacted the job sector. Several organizations had to lay off their workers as a part of their cost-cutting initiatives. As a consequence, many brands are leveraging outsourcing services to ensure business continuity. The significant advantage of leveraging outsourcing services is that businesses will get their tasks done at the right time with minimal cost.

#2: More Usage of Multi-Channel

Today, leading businesses use multiple platforms such as social media, apps, website blogs, and SEO/SEM to increase traffic and reach the target market. So, multi-channel marketing is becoming another significant digital marketing trends in 2020.

Businesses that rely only on a single marketing channel may get left behind in the post-COVID-19 era. In the future of digital marketing, multi-channel marketing will gain a top spot. Organizations are also opting for paid marketing and advertising. Artificial intelligence tools have enabled marketers to devise targeted advertising based on customer data. Moreover, brands can bid for the top spots in the Google search engine. Paid marketing will certainly help businesses in better positioning their brand. Additionally, search engine optimization helps organizations connect with their customer across multiple touchpoints.

#3: Content is the Key

Today, the internet is filled with content. There’s no doubt that content plays a significant part in the future of digital marketing. Content can connect with peoples’ emotions. Therefore, content curation and marketing are as important as advertising.

Various tools now enable businesses to curate content. But, can these content drive leads or conversions? Indeed, we can’t define what great content is. However, lead-driven content must have a call to action.

Data can also help brands in creating excellent content. Always ensure that your content should keep your customers engaged and encourage them to make a buying decision. There are various forms of content, such as GIF, videos, meme, infographics, and much more. Rather than entirely focusing on written content, try to create engaging content.

A consistent brand voice is imperative to engage with customers efficiently. Therefore, ensure to maintain a consistent brand voice to generate much better results.

#4: Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

Artificial intelligence and augmented reality are other digital marketing trends in 2020. The availability of massive data has compelled businesses to find new ways to process them. That is where the real use of AI comes into play. AI technology can help marketing professionals conduct competitor analysis, understand customer behavior, and enhance the customer experience.

The future of digital marketing looks very promising, with the application of artificial intelligence. Therefore, brands that make efficient use of AI will gain a strategic advantage. Contrary, augmented reality is also one of the digital marketing trends 2020. Augmented reality enables customers to virtually experience the product in the comfort of their homes. It has gradually increased product sales. So, indeed, AR will stay as one of the top marketing trends in 2020.

In Conclusion

All these marketing trends in 2020 indicate that the future of digital marketing looks bright. For brands facing financial challenges at these times, digital marketing services are the best solution. A great relief of using digital marketing services is that businesses can track marketing spend efficiently. Besides, ad optimization and targeting are now easy with AI tools and applications.

Leveraging digital marketing services is vital to outperform your competitor and gain a strategic advantage in the competitive marketplace. If you have budget constraints, consider outsourcing digital marketing services as they are cost-effective.