Screenshot software might not be viewed as a great go-to tool for improving communication. However, it helps businesses communicate clearly and effectively at workplaces. If you need to convey feedback, report an issue or assign an action item, the right screenshot software will help you achieve this effect. 

Screen captures are excellent tools that communicate information while leaving little or no scope for misinterpretation. Following are the five ways to boost communication with screenshot software: 

1. New Protocols: As technology evolves, a change in the way we perceive technology and various protocols changes along with it. In this context, capturing a screenshot is the easiest and most effective way to represent the change and even compare the old protocols versus the new ones. You can use the capture to display clear emphasis where needed.  
2. Visual Guide: The screenshot software helps you create a reference guide that will explain company procedures to new employees. Moreover, you don’t need to print anything out. You can use a bulk share feature and share multiple files at once. Recipients will get a link to a zip file with all the required resources. The digital copy makes updating easy and cost-effective.  
3. Share successes and milestones achieved by your enterprise: A shareable link provided with the screenshot software makes it easier to share new milestones achieved by a company with all its employees on multiple platforms. You can capture a quarterly earnings report, a top-ranking search engine, exceeded sales quota or any such achievement and communicate it with all relevant parties.
4. Highlight employee profiles or new website sections: With the help of the screenshot software, don’t just forward a link to a new site or new hire profile; send out visuals supporting the content and make communication more impactful. With the feature of creating call-outs and specific annotations, you can highlight what you would like your teammates to view and analyze.
5. Report a problem: Reporting problems with different programs can be an unfavourable task for many. If you miss the core aspect in describing the problem, then the recipient of the problem report cannot understand the real problem rightly. Thereby, they won’t be able to resolve it correctly. This is when capturing precisely what is going wrong on your screen comes in handy. Thus, there is little or no possibility of any misinterpretation. You can provide step-by-step visuals of what’s going wrong so that the recipient can send step-by-step guidelines to resolve it.


Screenshot software is a simple yet handy tool that holds the power of capturing screens. Thereby, make various office tasks hassle-free. Some advanced software also comes up with editing capabilities that make it easier to share captures and store your capture history.

O-Capture from ONPASSIVE is one such software that is a uniquely designed screen capture tool. It offers multiple layers of features that help businesses present what they capture with the best quality. Now customize and enhance your visual content with the help of tools like O-Capture and boost your communications at work.