How To Attract Funding For Startups

What is necessary to build a startup? It is, of course, an idea, enthusiasm, aspiration, plan and confidence. Startup funding ideas prove successful if they are innovative and meets customers problems efficiently. Generally, planning, development, execution, testing, release and maintenance are the significant stages that any product goes through.

How is it that one can attract funding for startups? Funding is essential for any startups to start and run a business. If one can Investment in any startup, it is okay. It is a sign of a good start. However, as the business keeps executing daily, one needs to assess the workflow, execution and public responses. Various questions keep running over the mind initially until certain things are established. 

How much is invested and the return, profits, studying customer’s behaviour, understanding them, knowing their requirements, noting down the various questions posed, their expectations and feedback, all of which suggest improvements in any business?

Attract fundings for startups

What could be the way to attract funding for startups? Let us know about this.

  1. Study user’s problems
  2. Think innovative to find apt solutions
  3. Study the pros and cons of the existing products of the current trend and come out with enhanced features.
  4. Outstand and stay competitive with the established products in the market
  5. Develop a simple and user-friendly interface 
  6. Try to arise the user’s interest initially without profits being the primary concern.
  7. Go through the complete phase of quality analysis and see that the product or service is error-free
  8. Create user supporting documents such as installation guide, user manual, help document, and troubleshooting document
  9. Provide customer support for any maintenance or queries 
  10. Take the help of experienced people

These serve as the basis for any product or service. If any startup can develop such ideology and show confidence to incorporate the above guidelines, attracting funding for startups will be excellent and flourishing.

ONPASSIVE Startup Funding

ONPASSIVE is an AI-powered company that built many innovative AI products covering various business activities like online education, managing an organization’s resources, executing accounting operations, digitalization, gathering apt customers, leveraging social media platform or supporting a non-profit cause.

Consider a startup. How is that any new user would know about the startup? As a response, one needs to implement marketing ideas to attract them. Creating products with the startup brand serves as a good idea. Generating customized products also gains user attention. Providing discounts and free offers for some top 10 registrants is one idea that can attract fundings for startups. What could be the best platform to perform such activities? 

ONPASSIVE enables startup funding through O-Bless, an innovative product built to support startups to showcase their products and gain recognition for their work through a crowdfunding campaign. No doubt, the platforms best serve any social cause, either for education or medical treatment connecting the benefactors and contributors across the globe. 


Every startup aspires to gain user’s applause. Therefore, significant efforts must have been put to build the business product and services from the stage of development till release. Post-release, the startup needs to adopt marketing strategies to gain product promotion.

Development efforts prove fruitful by choosing a platform that helps to gain user attention. ONPASSIVE’s O-Bless is an efficient tool built to promote Startup Funding Ideas concerning an individual or an organization. Compelling content, short videos or images defining the business goals and objectives can be incorporated to attract funding. A speech generated by an influential person is also fetching. Leverage the tool to gain the advantage of attracting funds for the startups.