How To Avoid Internal Communication Loss?

Many of you might be aware of the importance of AI and machine learning in the field of recruitment and customer service. But do you know AI also plays a key role in the field of internal communication? But what is internal communication in a business?

Internal communication also known as IC is a combination of strategies or tools that allow for the efficient flow of information and collaboration among employees within a company. Top management, management, and employees all communicate with each other through internal communication.

Open and direct communication is a perfect way to ensure that the workers recognise the company’s mission and principles. It’s also useful for bridging organisational divides. But what is the role of AI in internal communications and internal communication Tool?

Role of AI in Internal Communications

As per one study, a company loses $62.4 million per year on average due to poor internal communication. The estimated annual loss for a small business may be as much as $400k.

Without an efficient communication mechanism, it is difficult to maximise an employee’s potential. Furthermore, bad communication can cause you to lose important employees.

How to Avoid Internal Communications Loss?

In this post, you’ll learn about some of the ways AI and Machine Learning technology can help you solve the issue of a faulty internal communications method.

Know Your Employee

An employer’s first duty is to comprehend their workers. It is not possible to manually communicate with workers in order to learn every detail about them. Thus, you can comprehend them using AI and machine learning technologies.

With the help of a specific piece of information collected from employees, an AI-based system can predict the knowledge and abilities of a particular employee. Thus, a company can connect with them and let them do the job that best suits their experience and abilities once we recognize their abilities and talent.

AI-Built Social Groups

Social groups for employees is a good thought, however, it can be very noisy at times. We can’t always guarantee that the right conversation takes place, and often a group will have a lot of unproductive conversations. There are occasions when the groups are inactive.

The matching algorithm can be used to ‘engineer serendipity‘ with the right employees, thanks to AI/Machine learning technology. It will ensure that any conversation in a social group leads to positive business outcomes. Meanwhile, it will aid in reducing the spread of ineffective messages to all community members.

Understand Employee’s Emotional Condition

A sophisticated face recognition algorithm has emerged as a result of the rise of AI/machine learning technology. When employees enter and exit the office, face recognition technology can detect their emotional state. What makes this technology so useful is that it allows you to get a real-time update on an employee’s emotional condition.

By scanning emails, an AI-based system will determine an employee’s emotional state. It will assist us in identifying workers who are extremely committed and those who are not. Knowing this, we should take steps to inspire workers who aren’t fully committed.

Real-Time Translations

We are part of a multinational corporation. When you have employees who do not speak the same language, internal communication can be a disaster at times. Thus, employees will struggle to understand non-native terms.

This is where the AI translation tool comes into action, Your employees will be able to get translation services in real-time using the translation tool. Thus, Internal communication can be greatly improved by implementing AI translation services.

Now that you understand some ways in which companies can prevent internal communication loss, let’s see which internal communication Tool can be used to fulfil the above scenarios.

Top Internal Communication Tool

We’ve assembled a list of the best internal communication tools for employees.

  • Internal Newsletters
  • Employee Surveys
  • Instant Messaging Tools
  • Community Channels
  • News Center
  • Employee Recognition Center
  • Onboarding Center
  • Multilingual Tool
  • Follow and Notifications
  • Analytics

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You should reconsider your approach if you aren’t using AI and machine learning to improve internal communication. You may have the best AI ads in the world, but you won’t be able to anticipate what your customers want unless you have a smooth internal dialogue. Due to poor customer service, approximately 60% of customers stop doing business with the company. So, the AI-Based Communication tool is highly recommended when considering improving internal communications in your company. Contact us for switching to the most effective AI-built communication tool.