Customer Retention Marketing

It might be tempting to attract new customers for your business; however, it’s profitable to retain the existing ones. It has found that about 70% of businesses find it easier to retain their existing customers than acquire new ones. Thus, it will be a smart choice to invest in the practices that help your business improve customer retention.

With marketing automation solutions, you can significantly elevate the quality of services you offer to your existing customers, minimize the cost of marketing and most importantly, ensure improved customer retention. 

Following are the six ways in which you can boost customer retention marketing with the help of automation tools: 

1. Facilitate the Robust Onboarding Process

If you have recently launched a new product or service, your customers tend to be impatient with your onboarding process. They might not tolerate even the slightest inconvenience at this stage. Then how should you approach? You must facilitate robustness to your onboarding process.

How to do that? You can enable your customers to quickly adapt to the new launch by sending warm greetings in a welcome-email. You can also consider sending a product brief, demo request, testimonials or other related content. 

Automation with the onboarding process helps you have a great start thereby, giving an extra edge to your personalized emailing strategy. 

2. Conduct Regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Your product development team might be working hard on your products. But if the constructive feedback system does not accompany it, you might not offer what is essential for customers. And missing on customer’s requirements is the biggest loss. 

Thus, you must ensure that you are conducting customer satisfaction surveys regularly. It would be best if you gathered qualitative feedback with customer feedback emails generated through an automation tool. The insights you receive from such surveys would help you improve your products and services. 

However, these surveys should not be exhausting. You must develop shorter yet comprehensive survey formats. Customers should not feel reluctant to answer your lengthy questionnaire. For that, you can utilize NPS (Net Promoter Score) email surveys.

These are the simplest formats that ask respondents to provide a rating between 0 and 10, where 0 indicates not at all likely and 10 is extremely likely. With this kind of survey, you can categorize customers into three sections- promoters, passives, and detractors. 

3. Pamper Your Customers

Who doesn’t like special attention and pampering? You can retain your customers in the long run by generating personalized emails on their special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary using the right automation tool.  

4. Newsletters for Better Retention

You can deploy automation tools to generate newsletter content. The newsletter content can take various forms, including product updates, occasional tips or advice, blog content, special offers, announcements of approaching events etc. 

Distributing newsletters regularly will help you engage customers with your brand. 

5. Implement Loyalty Programs

If you have customers that are being consistent with your brand, then how about rewarding them? Your loyal customers add value to your business; thus, you should implement loyalty programs with the help of marketing automation. It involves offering saved credits, cashback, prizes, coupons or discounts, and other rewards. 

This kind of recognition helps your customers develop an emotional bond with your brand, and thereby, you can retain them in the long run.

6. Dealing with Inactive Customers

Despite deploying marketing automation to send personalized emails, forward insightful newsletters or provide attractive rewards, there is going to be some customers who aren’t showing enough interest or not making any purchase. How should you approach in this case? 

First of all, move these passive customers into a separate list and frame a new strategy of lighter communication with them. 

Secondly, employ a straightforward approach by sending them an email asking if they would like to continue getting your emails or offerings. This way, you can strategize your preferences. 

Wrapping Up 

Customer retention marketing strategies are essential for any growing business. You can sharpen these strategies with the help of the right automation tool in hand. However, there are few tactics by which you can ensure better customer retention.

With the help of an automation tool, you can manage customer retention in a cost-effective manner. The above article has discussed six ways to boost customer retention marketing thereby, grow your business.