How to Boost your Non-profit’s visibility and Donations using Social Media

Digital Marketing is one of the great ways for Non-profit organizations to expand their influence. Although many charities rely on direct marketing methods such as using flyers or sending emails for raising funds, it is essential for them to use social media to increase their visibility.

However, the offline strategies continue to be vital as they are a crucial part of a well -developed marketing plan and help balance the overall campaign. The current pandemic situation is the right time for non-profit organizations to incorporate digital marketing into their campaign and overall business objectives. 

Social media is increasingly becoming a popular marketing tool for many industries. Many large-scale non-profit organizations such as Peta and UNICEF are also adopting to use social media to expand their influence in the market. Ngo’s can reach a large audience group with social media engagement with a limited budget. 

Social Media Strategies to increase donation for your Non-Profit organization

Social media is an efficient platform to tell your non-profit story to the people. It helps to reach out to supporters and donors who support and appreciate your work and engage with them. 

Some Effective Social Media Strategies to boost donations for your non-profits are as follows:

  • Outline your Social Media Objectives

Your social media objectives need to align with your organization’s mission. After brainstorming the objectives of your social media marketing, it is time to choose how to measure the success of the social media strategies. 

Ngo’s can measure this by regularly tracking the post comments and messages that are being received by the social media accounts. Hashtags can also be used to understand and measure how often your organization is being tagged in posts. 

  • Come up with a Comprehensive Strategy

The first to create a comprehensive strategy for your social media marketing is to discover the social media platforms that are used mainly by your target audience. With various social media platforms available, it is crucial for organizations to find out the platforms where the target audience are most active. 

Once the social media platforms are chosen, the next step is to engage with them on these platforms. Some of the engaging content that can be included on social media platforms to engage your supporters are:

  • Advertisements of upcoming donor events 
  • Successful projects carried out by your organization
  • Volunteer stories 
  • How-to posts about how supporters can help your organization

  • Use Social Media Platforms to inform the Audience about upcoming events 

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are great to update people and target audience, supporters and donors about important events. Sharing live events on these platforms allow people and supporters to get real-time updates about fundraising events or seminars. 

Share posts by quoting speakers, and another important strategy that can be used is sharing photos and videos of your organization’s events. Use backlinks when sharing photo’s on Facebook to redirect readers to your company’s website. 

  • Respond to Questions 

With an increased engagement, Ngo’s are likely to get a more significant number of messages coming in. people come forward and keep asking you about how they can involve in your activities. However, it is essential to check the questions or messages sent by people and respond to them quickly. 

A timely response is crucial to uphold your organization’s reputation and retain people as your clients.

  • Make it easy for supporters to Donate through crowdfunding

With numerous crowdfunding tools available online, it is easy to create and share your crowdfunding activity across all social media platforms to generate funds from a large group of people. Non-profit organizations typically conduct multiple crowdfunding events throughout the year. 

However, it is important to include details about the cause you are working for and include a call to action to donate. Use the option on your social media pages so that supporters who wish to donate can easily do it by just clicking the option or button available. 

Many Non-profit organizations are taking advantage of social media to get new opportunities and connections by using the strategies mentioned above.


Non-profit organizations require an active online presence to maintain a strong connection with the target audience and engage with supporters. Therefore, non-profit organizations need to develop comprehensive social media strategies to boost their donations and increase their visibility. Ngo’s can use informative content to spread awareness across the social media platforms about the causes or projects they are working on and reach a large group of audience to increase engagement.