sales strategy deck

Once your marketing team qualifies leads into your pipeline, now is the time for your sales team to close the deals. 

Nevertheless, how to ensure if your sales team is fully prepared to achieve desired goals?

Consider building a sales strategy deck that offers your sales team the required tools, with the help of which they can convert every prospect into a paying customer. But what is a sales strategy deck? 

The sales strategy deck comprises crucial information like KPIs, buyer personas, and competitive analysis to help the sales team close more deals. 

Every sales strategy deck must include the following: 

l Sales team goals (SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). 

l Ideal customer profile to help sales rep identify good prospects.

l Product USP.

l Competitor analysis. 

l Sales benchmarks (guidelines for sales reps). 

l Qualifying conversations. 

l Minimum viable sales documents (that make it easy for your sales team to succeed through each sale stage).

l Negotiation allowance. 

Tips for building a sales strategy deck

Building a workable sales strategy requires proper planning. Apart from your goals, you should be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. 

It implies that you need to take an honest look at how your sales team is currently selling and identify areas of improvement. 

Following are some tips to create an effective sales strategy deck: 

1. Focus on sending out the right brand message

Outline the entire sales strategy deck around the overall goal of your product. This is how your sales reps will have a clear vision before them, and they will work towards fulfilling it. 

Convey a story about how your product will suffice the prospect’s needs. Research revealed that about 74% of buyers show a willingness to invest in a company that has a clear vision they believe in. 

So, come up with a thoughtful vision!

While building your sales strategy deck, don’t simply include statistics. Replace usual sales jargon with simpler messages. Demonstrate to your reps how to connect every customer issue back to your product and convince them that you can solve them. For that, make use of simple sales lines and make your brand message more persuasive. 

2. Equip your sales team with calling scripts and email templates

Following are the four types of calling scripts that you should include in the sales strategy deck and make it accessible for your reps: 

  • Phone sales pitch scripts/cold calling scripts
  •  An elevator pitch/ a sentence or paragraph that summarizes what your product is all about
  •  Cold email templates
  •  Sales pitch decks/these are easy to customize 

Consider using a sales pitch script template if you are a beginner with scripts and templates. 

3. Train reps how to qualify leads 

By teaching your reps how to qualify and close, every lead will enable them to spend more time with those prospects who are actually interested in your products. 

Build a qualifying checklist inside your sales strategy deck so that your reps can decide: 

  • If they are qualified, depending upon how well they align with your ideal customer profile
  • What the deal-breakers are
  •  Who the key decision-makers are
  •  The timeline of their decision-making process

Other solutions they are assessing 

After that, offer a list of techniques for your sales team to close deals. Consider the following points for the same: 

l Budget

l Timeline for making a decision 

l Decision-making process

Suppose the prospect rejects even after following the above procedure; that’s fine. Make your team comfortable with prospects rejecting the offer. 

4. Build a sales cadence for every deal 

There needs to be consistency in your selling strategy regardless of which sales rep a prospect talks to. 

Building a sales cadence is an effective way to remind your sales team to follow up. 

A sales cadence is basically a workflow that reps use to direct a lead down their sales funnel. 

The way forward

Having a sales team that is great at selling is a major plus point your business will ever have. However, you can help your sales get there, and this is where you need a robust sales strategy deck that helps you attain a competitive edge. 

Use the tips discussed in the blog to create a successful sales deck strategy.