SEO friendly landing pages

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In this article, we will be looking into how to build SEO friendly landing pages, to the best of your abilities. Let us look into the various steps you can follow which are considered the best practices, to create the perfect landing page.

How to create an SEO landing page?

When building your next landing page, you will consider the following tips and best practices, with an SEO landing page template:

1. Publishing to a custom URL:

The simplicity of letting us handle your hosting might seem very tempting to you but it’s definitely not a good idea for SEO purposes as search engines with the URL, will not just be a generic page demo. You will be able to publish your landing page to your own domain, add you will get the added advantage of a small ranking to boost it when people search for your page’s keywords.

2. Determine your keywords

This is also super important as it’s the part where you pick the words that you want search engines to rank your page. There are various long-tail keywords which are easier to rank compared to their shorter counterparts which will often also produce a higher ROI.

3. Include your keywords strategically on your landing page

Once you’ve successfully determined your target keywords, you’re going to want to place them strategically on your landing page. Here’s where you can exactly put them if you want to get ahead on SERP’s: Your keywords should also be peppered throughout your copy, but sparingly. By using them too much, this tactic is also known as keyword stuffing. you risk being penalized by Google.

4. Don’t also worry about the length of your page

Landing pages are supposed to be brief and concise and this works especially when it comes to creating landing pages for SEO. The data has also shown that very long content ranks highly in search engines. There’s no conclusive evidence that it increases your word count by boosting your SERP position.

There’s no conclusive evidence that only increasing word count will somehow boost your SERP position. The fact remains that there are many long-form content ranks are proof of that.

How is it the most high-ranking form of content available?

So with your landing pages, don’t obsess over the length and you’re still worried that too much text is going to drive away your prospect, try taking advantage of collapsible diverse. You can help you link to your page, it will help to number the way you can boost search engine rankings, organically. Google will help you create your content to link their website, which helps to vouch for you. You can reach all the corners of the Internet, by also creating the original

5. How to successfully secure backlinks to your page:

First: Create original content. Take results, data, case studies from others if you want, but don’t directly copy (even better if you’ve conducted your own case study). The more original, well-researched, and valuable your content is, the better it will be received.

Second: Identify influencers in your industry. Use a combination of referrals from friends, email sleuthing, and social media research to find the contact information of people who would find your content relevant. You can also start smaller by attempting to get links from bloggers. You can also check out their blogrolls for more people to contact, and also work your way up to the bigger influencers.

6. Leave your seasonal landing page online

Earlier we talked about how some people confuse long-term campaigns with short-term campaigns. These people are potentially missing out on loads of traffic. Every time you build a new landing page and you can run any annual campaigns and helps to leave your landing page up with twelve months of the calendar year.

7. Speed up your page

Page speed is one of the few SEO ranking factors Google has come out and confirmed. You can also try speeding up your page load time using the following ways such as:

Using very small image files which don’t compromise on quality

  • Switching to a faster web host
  • Shutting off all plugins or extensions that  your page isn’t using

8. Making your content shareable

There are various social indicators like Retweets, Facebook shares, and “+1’s” which were once thought to directly affect a page’s SEO. This has led to some interesting studies which have shown a correlation between different social signals and search rank and prove nothing, just like the relationship between long content and various higher SERP positions. However, just because Google says social indicators don’t directly influence SEO doesn’t mean you should ignore social media altogether. In fact, just the opposite.

In conclusion:

This is exactly how you will be able to build an SEO friendly landing page. By following these ways you can create the best kind of web-friendly pages which will definitely influence the way you build SEO friendly pages. You too can create incredible landing pages which are SEO friendly so that you can achieve the best results possible. We hope you found this article informative in understanding how to build the best landing pages.

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