Building a suitable strategy concerning any work serves as a primary essential, based on which the work activities progress daily. Especially, businesses aiming to market services have to initially build a marketing strategy to enable seamless and effective results.

Voice is the latest trend about which we observe in our daily life. Whether it is home or business operations, things get done with voice.

AI technology paved the way to voice-based search in media platforms, especially televisions. All that one needs to do is speak what is needed, and the system finds the suitable and the most relevant results based on the requirement.

How about voice in the marketing strategy? Of course, the essential exists. Results prove beneficial through voice. Let us explore more about voice marketing strategy.

Voice marketing

Voice marketing is to promote the business among the target audience using voice-enabled digital devices.

Before building a voice marketing strategy, it is essential to study the possible means and the places where the user uses the voice facility. And, the significant essential to execute this marketing strategy is to have voice-activated devices.

The so-called smartphones, smart televisions, cars and various home appliances fall under voice-enabled devices.

Why voice marketing?

Voice assistants are in handy to the users that anything required over the web is not typed but known through voice. So, businesses require adopting voice marketing as the primary feature for better customer engagement.

The voice recognition software must understand the user’s intent. The more understanding the system develops, the more efficient will the results be.

Statistics reveal that the usage of voice-enabled devices is sure to grow in number in the coming times. From a marketing perspective, digital assistant’s usage is ever-increasing for finding any product or service information, business or other information.

A deeper insight of voice marketing strategy

  • Trace the physical location of any user to gain a better insight while using the voice.
  • Deliver the user expectation accurately and promptly
  • Define a proper meta description to match the user’s voice-based keywords. Voice search information includes more words than the typed text. So, businesses need to present the content matching the voice search.

The new side of marketing – The voice marketing

Let us build a strategy for voice marketing by focusing on the essential criteria:

  • An eligible influential human voice stating the specific features and functionality would be an added advantage for customer engagement.
  • If a user is stuck with a problem, the voice solution proves more effective than the mere content.
  • Voice builds customers trust. The voice feature removes barriers by reaching the audience who do not use text.
  • Transform the content into some captivating audio files. More users tend to pay attention to the services through this option. Businesses reach is best gained through audio files.

ONPASSIVE’s voice marketing

Voice marketing is the cutting edge technology built to boost customer engagement. O-Chat is an effective AI-powered tool of ONPASSIVE built to understand the customer intent while chatting. The tool even acts smartly to escalate the issue to the humans to deal with if the user intent is unclear.

Moreover, the tool is intelligently built to recall the previous conversations to provide suitable and expected responses for satisfactory experience. As the human presence is less needed, the productivity is more and even cost-effective.


Of course, the above study confirms that voice marketing strategy builds customer engagement.

Listening skill helps assess and understand anything better compared to reading. It’s time to get along with the technology by incorporating the latest trends in marketing.

Voice marketing needs definite attention. For all those businesses seeking voice marketing options, here is the right place to hold on and tune with O-Chat, an AI-powered chatbot of ONPASSIVE.