The domain name is the home for your online presence. Having a domain name means your business has a valid web address. Thus, choosing the right domain name for your business website becomes crucial.

Users tend to believe a page is more relevant just because it stems from a particular domain. Thus, you need to find a unique and keyword-rich domain for your business to stand out in the crowd. Following are a few domain name tips that will help you choose a successful domain name:  

  • Opt for a shorter domain name: The first and most important thing while choosing a domain name is keeping it short and precise. With a shorter domain name, there is less for users to remember. In addition, there is less scope for errors when typing in the domain name.
  • Avoid tricky spelling: Many brands tempt to put a creative spin on regular words, such as Quick becomes Qik. Adding personalized touch in this manner to your business branding might appear exciting. However, businesses must first envision how these tricky spelt words would play out in day-to-day conversation.

For instance, if a company specializing in selling reams of paper decides to use ‘Paper Plains’ in their domain name. Now, what people will mostly choose to type in-is it or It’s pretty natural for people to land on the second domain. And, a website with ‘Paper Plains’ would never make it to the intended site. Thus, you should usually avoid the use of tricky spelling in your domain name.    

  • Remove the hyphens: While you should avoid using tricky spelling, you also need to ensure that you are not using hyphens in your domain name. Hyphenating your domain name may lead to confusion.

If hyphenating is essential, make sure that you are not using more than one hyphen. Multiple hyphens in a domain name are more likely to end up in spam.  

  • Make it memorable for good reasons: While domain names do not include spaces, you need to be careful enough to check if you’re not putting out any unintended message through it. Thus, you must double-check that your domain name only displays the name you would like it to.  

Domain name extensions

.COM, .NET and .ORG are among the most commonly used domain name extensions. However, today with the availability of over 300 extensions, domain name owners can add more personal and creative twists to their web addresses.

Let’s now know a few critical details about the three most commonly used extensions: 

  • .COM: It stems from the word ‘commercial’. It is among the most popular domain names and has become a standard domain extension. There is no specific requirement to use.COM domains.
  • .NET: It stems from the word ‘network’. It is mainly opted by businesses involved in the tech industry. Thus, it might not be a great choice for domains outside its genre.
  • .ORG: It stems from the word ‘organization’. Its use mainly confined to non-profits, projects, schools and communities. While there is no limitation for using this extension, a commercial business using.ORG might convey the wrong message.   

A country-code domain extension

If you run a local business website, then a country-code domain extension will be the viable option for you—such as.IN, CO or. UK). This country code works best if you want to target specific web traffic and gain more localized clicks to your website.

Moreover, .CO is another excellent option that you may consider to opt for as a domain extension. Many small businesses are choosing this domain name instead of a.COM. In fact, there were 1.3 million.CO domain names were registered as of July 2012.

Towards the end

Finding the perfect domain for your business website might get tricky at times. However, you must get a domain name that works in your favour as it plays a vital role in your business branding. Take care of points discussed in this blog while registering your business web address and find the perfect domain name for your website.

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