Chatbot platform for Whatsapp

Does your company have an AI chatbot? If not, you’re behind the curve. Many large companies are investing heavily in creating chatbots to interact with their customers better. Now, chatbots are becoming an essential part of our daily lives, especially in today’s world of telemedicine and virtual reality. 

If you don’t already have an AI chatbot at your disposal, there are plenty of options out there — from open-source platforms to full-fleshed solutions. This article looks at what is AI chatbots. We also explore why you should consider WhatsApp Messenger an AI chatbot platform.

What Is An AI Chatbot?

An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot is a computer program that interacts with human beings through computers and telephone systems. It can answer questions, process orders, and even make suggestions. AI chatbots are particularly useful when customers want to interact with a company’s sales team, customer service team, or marketing department. 

A chatbot can execute various intelligent behavior, including natural language understanding and answering questions. It can also teach itself through self-supervised learning, allowing businesses to create AI chatbots that learn from human customers and don’t require constant human supervision.

How To Create An AI Chatbot?

Creating an AI chatbot is relatively simple, especially once you have the right tools. You can use open-source platforms or full-fleshed solutions from giant tech and business services providers. You’ll want to keep a few factors when creating your bot: 

The level of interaction- Interacting with a bot constantly, even for just a few seconds, can sound unnerving to customers. A good number of interaction points (such as when a customer submits a question) should be reserved only when a customer is interested in knowing the answer. 

The bot’s capabilities- Some bots may not be suitable for every situation, especially if they’re not programmed to handle specific user needs. Check out the features before choosing a particular bot.

The cost of creating the bot- Some businesses may decide they don’t need a full-fleshed-out chatbot but just the core functionality. If so, creating a bot with open source capabilities is excellent.

What Platforms Are There For AI Chatbots?

While plenty of open source platforms can be used to create chatbots, many businesses opt to use full-fleshed solutions. These solutions can offer a much more comprehensive range of functionalities, from advanced AI to custom software solutions. 

Most of these solutions are tiered and used as a gateway to the full range of functionality. This is a good thing, as it allows businesses to choose the right platform for the job. Some of the best platforms for AI chatbots are listed below:

  • Whatsapp Messenger – The most popular messaging app worldwide, Whatsapp has more than one billion monthly active users. Businesses also use it to communicate with customers, so it makes sense that it would be an excellent choice as an AI chatbot platform. 
  • Google Assistant – Google’s AI platform significantly impacts the business world. The service was built for businesses to easily create end-to-end voice-activated software that can interact with customers and employees. 
  • Amazon Alexa – Alexa, the voice-driven virtual assistant from Amazon, has been around for a while. However, it’s still very new in the AI realm and only offers basic functionality at the moment. Currently, the only way to interact with Alexa via a chatbot is by using an Amazon Echo device.

Using Whatsapp As A Chatbot Platform

Whatsapp is a well-known chatbot platform used in various applications such as customer service, sales, marketing, etc. The main advantage of using Whatsapp as a chatbot platform is that it allows businesses to interact with their customers more naturally. They can use the chatbot to respond to customer queries, provide information on products and services, etc. Whatsapp also has a lot of built-in functionality that makes it easy for businesses to create chatbots. 

What Advantages Do WhatsApp Bots Offer?

  • Used for instant messaging to hold talks in real-time.
  • Makes it easier for buyers to browse the complete product range in one location
  • Provides end-to-end encryption and a secure environment for communication.
  • Deliver superior virtual assistance with individualized communication.
  • Improve the level of consumer and brand trust

Best Whatsapp Chatbot Tools 

  • Agentbot

Agentbot is one of the most popular chatbot programs. Using Agentbot, you can create and maintain your chatbot in minutes. Communicating with clients using this effective strategy is simple and keeps them coming back for more. Any size business can benefit from using Agentbot. There is no need to be concerned about technical understanding or coding abilities. After entering your credentials into the straightforward interface, you are prepared to start.

  • Botsociety

The best software for creating and managing WhatsApp chatbots appears to be Botsociety. With our easy-to-use interface, you can create customized chatbots for your company in only a few minutes if you require a marketing tool or a customer service bot.

  • Gupshup

Gupshup is a perfect tool for businesses that want a closer connection with their clients. With Gupshup, you may build and enhance bots for a Whatsapp account to quickly deliver messages to customers! Additionally, many helpful features will make business communication more straightforward than ever.

  • Messengerpeople

Messengerpeople introduces a brand-new channel for communication amongst friends. With their short bot, you may transmit and receive data without lifting a finger. Messenger folks let you stay involved at home, work, or on the road.

  • Rapiwha

One of the most incredible chatbot options to elevate your WhatsApp discussions is Raplwha. To ensure you don’t miss a beat, Rapiwha is easy to use and maintains track of all your significant conversations. Your conversations are also more pleasurable than ever, thanks to their distinctive features.


Choosing the best chatbot platform for WhatsApp may be challenging. However, the Whatsapp chatbot is the most proper AI tool for conversing with consumers. Additionally, it can be utilized in business to improve customer service and speed up sales. There are numerous options for features and settings. 

This blog has discussed various WhatsApp chatbot benefits and provided some guidance. We hope that this information was helpful to you and that you feel secure in selecting the best WhatsApp chatbot for your requirements. If you wish to use chatbot service in your business, contact the ONPASSIVE team.