How to Create a Powerful Brand

A Brand Story is more than just content for any Business. It is a complete picture which is made using facts, feelings, and interpretations to inform customers about their brand.  A great brand story is a narrative about your brand and informs customers about the motive behind starting your business and why they should trust you.

Most of the Brands are increasingly adopting and using the power of stories to transform their identity and presence in the competitive market. Even iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and Apple have their own brand stories that are legendary in status.

Brand storytelling is considered as a powerful way to build lasting connections with the audience and consumers. A compelling brand story can engage customer, foster loyalty and elicit emotions by creating a meaningful relationship which goes far beyond the product and service.

With the evolution of marketing over years, various innovative strategies and methods are implemented by brands to convey their values but the power of brand story beats them all. Brand story adds core value to your brand in many ways. When businesses have a great branding story they can instantly improve the image of their products or services and the overall brand.

Steps to create a Powerful Brand Story

A brand story acts as a bridge between business and customers and encompasses business personality and voice. It is a narrative that evokes an emotional response from the audience and lays the foundation to build your brand.

The steps involved in creating a powerful brand story are as follows:

* Start with your History

The beginning should include your business goal and include a brief history of how it started, when it started and the highs and lows your business went through.

Your brand story should include:
  • The reason for the existence of your brand and what problem can be solved with your brand and products.
  • How your brand provides solution to that specific problem.
  • How successfully your solution has worked.
  • What type of customers can find value in your services.

* Keep the story simple

Simple stories always work well with audience. Your story needs to be conceptually straight forward which has an identified problem, a solution for it and success. A three-part story model can carry a natural progression of your brand story where:

  • The beginning explains the problem you are set to solve.
  • The body describes how your brand can solve it.
  • The ending discuss about your success.

Simple stories are more trustworthy and many leading brands follow the same rule.

* Understand your Audience

Once your brand story is built and is ready to share, make sure you know your audience

Businesses should have a proper idea of:
  • Who is the target market?
  • How can they describe their business?
  • How do the target audience understand and interact with brand?
  • What are the problems that are face by customers and how can they solve them?
  • How well can the story connect to audience?

Once the brand story is ready, taking these questions into consideration helps them to have an understanding of audience and how well the brand story can inspire them.

* Share your Brand Story

A good story is always shareable and appreciated. Audience engage with good and compelling brand stories.  Therefore, once your personal brand story is built share it and tell the story everywhere. Communicate using the power of story and be active on social media and build your brand presence in social media platforms.

These steps help to create a powerful brand for your business and reach audience.

Every brand needs activation in the market to be successful. Firstly make sure that your brand is aligned to the story and review your brand assets. A great brand story also helps businesses with a spark of ideas for marketing campaigns that can be aligned with your business purpose.


The use of narrative and brand storytelling have been proved to evoke personal and emotional connections in customers with brands and is very different to standard forms of advertising, where people are encouraged to make a purchase of products offered by your business.

But a powerful brand story helps to deliver your motive behind starting the business, the problems that can be solved by your brand, and how successful your solutions can help the potential customers. With many iconic brands focusing on creating compelling brand stories, Building a powerful brand story can be very crucial for your business success