Any business requires retaining customers and enhancing their relationship to thrive in the market. Customers are the key to any businesses. Automated customer journey holds true with the available marketing automation tools, whose role is significant right from generating leads until a strong relationship is established.

Let us know the businesses journey towards gaining customers. Initially, the process starts with the generation of Leads. Now the question is how to generate leads? Here are the ways to do it.

Automated customer journey to establish leads

  1. Sign up form for web visitors: The first and foremost source of any genuine information for any customers regarding any business information is the website. One might show interest to go through the website and might even be willing to avail of the products or services of the company. Arranging a sign-up screen for the visitor is one best way to gain leads.
  2. Organizing exhibitions: Marketing is not challenging if we think about exploring the ways to achieve it. One such to achieve it to organize exhibitions. These centres serve as an attraction to all those who wish to know what any business is actually into. This paves the path to practically witness business products and services.
  3. Webinars: Lead generation is now easy and quick with webinars. It is the best way to connect with the audience through sharing various video files, web pages, PowerPoint presentations. Though it is online, as it holds face to face communication, it can create a more significant impact than other means of leads generation.

Having gained the leads, the next step includes executing the best-in marketing strategies to gain customer engagement. Marketing automated tools expedite this. Before going to the details of how it can be done, let us know the need for Marketing automation

Why is Marketing automation essential?

With the help of marketing automation tools it is no longer tough to target customers. Messages are auto-triggered and sent across various platforms such as emails, social media and the web. With such a response, it handles efficient workflow that is less prone to errors.

Marketing automation tools reduce manual interpretation, and play an important role in identifying the customers, and produce apt content. Followed by this, the system triggers automated emails considering the customer’s behaviour and schedule. Not all customers have the same understanding and requirements. In view of this, marketing automation tools send across proper recommendations specific to a user.

Stated below are some ways to tell how Marketing automation tools work:

  1. Auto triggers appropriate emails and SMS
  2. Sends timely newsletter to the emails
  3. Interprets customers interests and the requirements
  4. Responds based on the captured feedback
  5. Send timely reminders if there is no response

Adopting the best CRM tools would prove advantageous. CRM tools are the Customer Relationship Management tools that manage customer data efficiently. A wide range of tools have emerged in the market to help meet this. Driven by AI, O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is one such CRM that helps engage and interact with customers intelligently. The tool uses sentiment analysis to understand the requirements of the customer.


No matter how best the marketing strategies are implemented, quality holds the basis for any business to meet success. Customer relationship can be retained by implementing the best strategies in the work environment to generate the best products and services. With their usage, it is sure to generate customer’s trust and satisfaction. So, businesses have to ensure to bring out quality services. Apart from this, it is essential to respect one’s opinion and interest in order to thrive.

Marketing automation tools driven with AI technology are working out different means of generating quality leads and makes their journey smooth. Let us make most of them and flourish our businesses.