SaaS Product

Software As A Service (SaaS), or a cloud-based service, enables users to transact businesses operations globally at finger tips remotely. SaaS services are always fetching as they are not location constrained. Executioner operations take place quickly and effectively without having to travel across distances.

Significantly, financial transactions can gain the best advantage through SaaS products. One need not physically log in to a machine to withdraw or make any savings. Minimum operations from the user’s end enables money flow through various accounts.

Customer Relationship Management is a vast topic to discuss, which is mainly intended to maintain business-customer relationships. With SaaS products, the relationship turns better. As SaaS products can be sold online, the process is simple, quick and cost-effective.

Going further, let us know the details about the SaaS sales pipeline.

SaaS Sales Pipeline

SaaS pipeline mainly deals with the complete cycle of creating sales for any business, right from generating leads to the stage of sales conversion. During each phase, the sales representative effort to convert the lead into sales is significant.

What are the significant stages that a user has to go through from lead to sales? Usually, there are few prominent steps to go through, which are commonly implemented across various organizations.

Prospect: During this state, the user shows a willingness to know about the business services. For this, the user submits information through a free email subscription.

Prove worthy: The customer profile serves as a reference to know whether the user proves to be qualified or not. Thus, the ideal customer profiles are selected.

Demonstrate: Having secured the quality customer profiles, this stage deals about understanding customer pain points and demonstrating the business products to solve user queries.

Activate the trial period: A free trial version enables users to use the product or service for a free trial, say 45 days. After the trial period, if the user is interested, the trial period takes a new shape as sales.   

SaaS value vs product

Any business product has value to deliver to the customers. Why not take a different step to promote SaaS products and establish customer relationship?

Businesses’ intent and genuine aspiration take the form of the product or the service. However, as the output generates, the products reach the customers in view of the product features and functioning forgetting the innovation behind it.

Imagine the team meeting wherein the intent about product generation might have been discussed. Why not carry the same ideas with the customers? They might be more willingly to think from organizations’ perspective and interested to use the product without going deep into the product demonstration. Such is the influence value demonstration can create on the customers.

Customer Relationship Management

The SaaS sales pipeline has shown that gathering customer profiles and sorting the right ones is the initial step. With such significance, what if one has a genuine CRM tool to aid the process?  ONPASSIVE, an AI-powered organization, has hand full of AI products at its store to serve various business domains. In customer relationships, the organization offers O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) to choose the right leads to build an effective Customer Relationship Management.


Finding suitable customer profiles for your business needs is prominent, for they can be executed along the sales pipeline easily and closed successfully. Most importantly, the value the business demonstrates to the users can bring about more sales.

So, it is essential to gather and include the right audience in the SaaS pipeline. Generate the most appropriate customer profiles through O-Desk.