Webinar simply means a seminar that is conducted over the web, not to be confused with the term Webcast. A webinar is an event which is mostly live interactive session that requires a small group of online participants whereas a webcast is a recording of a live event that can be watched at any time or point of the day and the format is very similar to a TV broadcasting.

The importance of a webinar is gaining momentum, especially among business organizations.

But do you know there are different types of webinars used for different stages of the customer journey?

Below are the 6 types of webinars that help to connect and create a relationship with customers and clients at different stages of their journey:

1. Thought Leadership:

A thought leader is an expert on a particular subject and a good presenter and influencer. They are ready to go-to individuals and invite them to attend their live sessions.

Usually, the content of such webinars is not related to product marketing. Instead, the content is more intended towards sharing knowledge about solutions for existing problems. These are very good for the brand awareness stage and help people to understand what type of problems could be solved by using a brand’s products or services.

There are two benefits of creating thought leadership webinar videos. First, when these videos are uploaded on your websites, SEO objectives are achieved. Second, when people share these videos, it helps to promote a business without spending anything from the budget.

Another benefit is lead generation. Such webinars are tempting and rich with valuable content. People who are not your direct connections might get interested in your business. It might be a slow process but definitely helps in continuously generating leads.

2. Lead Nurturing:

Education webinars are always effective in terms of nurturing leads. With the help of case studies, live workshops, or report summaries and relating those with product benefits, leads slowly move towards the bottom of the sales funnel, i.e., become a customer of the brand or the company.

Below are the ways to nurture leads during webinar sessions:

  • Showcase how your customers got benefitted by using the company’s products
  • Request participants to share live problems and explain how your products could fix those in no time.
  • Share key findings and reports through white papers and display how your products fit in as the solution.

3. Product Demos:

Nearly 67% of the customers buy products digitally without even knowing the brand. The Internet has enabled them to research and go through reviews and analyze how products would work if purchased. Hence, companies are using existing and building up new channels to upload more product-specific information, allowing customers to make decisions for buying their products.

One of the effective ways of sharing product information is a product demo webinar. Such webinars allow displaying product features and functions to hundreds of prospects at once.

94% of marketers suggest that video presentation of their products increase user understanding, and 94% of the users say that they understood the product functions after watching product demos.

4. Customer Onboarding:

Companies today invest a major part of their budget on the customer onboarding process, resulting in a lasting positive relationship with the brand. Such webinars allow customers to receive more out of a product or a brand. Through these webinars, a company could share more brand values and benefits with onboarded customers.

5. New Feature or Product Tutorial:

Very similar to product demo webinars, the new features or product tutorials are based on product-specific content. Here, both types of audiences could participate – prospect and customers.

Whenever a new product is about to get launched, these webinars could help them display products’ first look and features to the participants. Apple company is known to conduct such webinars during the launch of each version of iPhones and Macbooks.

Along with new product launch, such webinars are also helpful to display newly added features or functions to the existing product variations. Such webinars are mostly helpful for the existing customers who purchased the earlier version of the product.

6. On-demand Webinars:

Customers or prospects could demand to watch or attend webinars as per their convenience. Usually, video recordings of previous webinars help address such demands. These are helpful during brand awareness as well as the customer training process. Such recordings could be easily found and accessed on the company’s website or social media channels.

For each webinar type, tools may not require different features. Live webinars are usually characterized by the ability to send, receive, and discuss information in real-time. Common functions of tools that support webinars are – ask questions, poll, chat, survey, call to action, file sharing, screen sharing, etc. One such webinar tool is also available and that too for free but only for GoFounders members. Post successful registration, founders of the company receive access to unlimited AI-driven tools designed and developed by ONPASSIVE company. Are you Interested to learn more? Click here for more details.