Team Members

When we’re operating a business, our team is the most valuable asset and a most excellent resource. Without the team, the business could not function; therefore, it’s necessary that your employees feel inspired and encouraged regularly. 

Our achievements as a successful leader are driven, in part, by our capability of supporting struggling team members to become productive team members. 

Especially when your team members are working through adjustments in the new working arrangements, worrying about their future, or attempting to resolve a complicated issue.

That’s when you, as their courageous champion in glowing armor, are required to come in and inspire them. It’s not a simple challenge. But, it’s a continuous fight that you can actually win and build the best team for your business by practicing the following measures.

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Prioritize one-on-one time with them

You must do this for each of your team members. The reason is apparent. However, with numerous other obligations, it’s expected that this may get overlooked.

Spending quality time with your team members enables you to discover that they need to succeed. It also presents you the opportunity to learn what difficulties they are struggling with and brainstorming ideas to defeat them. Most importantly, it enables you to get to know them so that you are aware of ways to inspire them or pick-up on non-verbal signs.

For instance, a usually talkative and inquisitive team member is suddenly quiet and a little disengaged. That should be a red flag for you that something is wrong. You must ask them if there’s anything they would like to consult with you.

Understandably, you have a busy schedule. Yet, you need to find out time to check-in with your team. And, it’s strongly recommended that you make this a piece of your daily routine as well. Also, try to keep these a little more casual, such as having lunch with them even if it’s a virtual lunch.

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Acknowledge their mood

Every organization has seasons. These seasons don’t just influence the bottom line, they also transform how people feel and think. During a time of weak performance, your team is most likely to be feeling frightened, anxious, or mournful about the good old days.

The solution? Consider, not only just how you’re feeling about your team’s weak performance – but also how it may be altering their mood, too while determining “what story to deliver.”

If your low-performing team members seem unwilling to embrace changes or to behave complacently, you might need to apply warning communication to break through their resistance.

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Publicly recognize their work

Public employee appreciation is one of the most reliable ways to inspire your team. But why? Because it has a far-reaching inspirational influence:

  • 70% of employees describe that morale and motivation would ‘massively’ enhance if managers just said thank you more often.
  • Businesses with a “recognition-rich” culture have 31% less voluntary turnover rates than those that don’t.
  • When recognized, employee commitment jumps up to 60%.
  • Happiness can encourage business efficiency by 31%.

Encouraging your team with recognition and appreciation also gives an essential link to particular actions and their positive impacts on the business. And how often you should do this? At least once a week. Also, it doesn’t have to be a big occasion, either. You can just merely kick off your weekly meeting by acknowledging your All-Stars.

Promote transparency

Transparency builds trust and develops relationships. It also boosts morale, raises happiness, and encourages innovation. It can even generate a flatter hierarchy and help set practical goals. Also, it keeps your team in the loop. And, it gives them peace of mind turning rough times.

How can we promote transparency? Ensure that your team has access to context and information. You can also organize “ask me anything sessions”. And, you might aspire to eliminate job titles, inspire ownership, and work on the feedback.

Furthermore, make yourself available so that if an employee has a concern or question, they can reach you directly. And, most importantly, don’t’ run away from executing critical decisions or disputes.

Be a cheerleader, not a coach

When employees don’t take their best foot forward to work, it’s usually because they lack confidence in their abilities or don’t even know what they’re capable of achieving. Great leaders bring out the greatness in their team as they see what is probable and transfer that belief to their team members.

But how can you empower your people? Allow them to know that you believe they will accomplish their goals, take on a new project, do the best work, or acquire a new client. Your belief in them will directly influence their confidence in themselves.

Numerous fostering factors drive you to build the best team. They include recognition, work itself, achievement, advancement, responsibility, and growth. When you do, you’ll improve both morale and motivation.

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