How to Engage Your Clients in a Better Way

Customer engagement is the ultimate goal of almost every business activity. It becomes even more crucial in times when competition in business marketing is only rising. 

 There are various customer engagement activities by which you can acquire, engage and retain your customers. Email marketing is one such activity that needs substitution in today’s fast-paced world. It is high time that your customers have to deal with boring emails piled up in their inboxes. It has shown that email marketing has an inbox placement rate of about 83%. In that, roughly 1 in every 6 emails gets placed into spam folders. Thus, customer retention through email marketing is a distant objective. 

However, there are many messaging options today that are not just upgraded but hold capacities to overcome challenges presented by email marketing.

Following are the ways to engage your customers with the help of some effective messaging tools. 

1. Slack

Slack is a platform where people can connect various software tools and services to discover the information they want and thereby improve the quality of their work. It provides a secure, well-organized and enterprise-grade interface. This messaging platform can be deployed by any kind of business- be it B2B, B2C, startups or B2G. 

With Slack messaging, you can have effective communication with your employees, customers, partners or suppliers. You can create different channels for different business requirements on this platform. It offers the flexibility of list segmentation. You can run it on any browser, desktop application or simply a mobile app. Additionally, it is quicker and secure than emails. 

2. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are the best ways to build a community of your type- be it a free community or a paid community. You can initiate and maintain regular communication with the people inside your community using such groups on Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook makes the communication interesting by offering various popular messaging options-like Live videos, GIFs, posts, polls and many more. 

3. Telegram 

Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages (text and voice messages) in real-time. You can use Telegram for your business to have one-on-one personal communication with your particular employee. Or you can also have group conversations as Telegram offers you options to create multiple groups. You can also send and receive files in different size and format over Telegram. 

4. Voxer

Voxer works on the same line as that of a Telegram. It is a free messaging tool where you can utilize the best of text, voice, photo and video messages. You can easily connect and communicate with the interface provided by this app. 

Further, Voxer is one of its kind of app that gives voice live- for immediate listening and simultaneous recording. 

5. ‘Close Friends’ on Instagram

Instagram is growing rapidly and it’s popular especially among millennials. It is often seen as an alternative to that Facebook. 

Though you can’t host a free course on Instagram as Facebook it does offer exclusivity and fun so that you can manage to keep your customers engaged. 

You can ask your customers to fill out a short Google Form, and thereby acquire their Instagram handles, upon signing of which you can lead them to your exclusive content. Then, you will have to go to your Instagram Settings, click on the option “Close Friends” and by clicking + sign there, you can start adding new accounts to your list of Close Friends. It is not compulsory for you to follow an account to add them to your list. In this way, you can create content in an interesting way and monetize it too. 


The ways in which you engage your customers have a great deal of importance. Today in the crowd of instant messaging platforms, conventional email marketing is lagging behind. You as a business must update your customer engagement skills to retain and preserve your customers. The above article has discussed five messaging platforms that help you engage your customers in a better way.