Sales Management

Artificial intelligence is a technology built to work as humans do. Most significantly, they can replace humans and also understand the intent of human conversations to respond accordingly.

How about the impact of AI on building organizations sales? The results have proved extraordinary. AI’s role is prominent to solve redundant tasks and provide intelligent solutions promptly. Marketing business products using AI technology can create a difference. Let us see how AI and ML marketing can be executed?  

  • Helps execute better decision making
  • Collect data and categorize them effectively
  • Analyze complex data and provide accurate results.
  • Gain greater insight into customers and business performance

AI and ML marketing

Personalization: Who would not like to be addressed personally? Everyone does, right? Such addressing would influence the users to go into the details of any subject, and this is possible through AI.

Chatbot technology: AI chatbots can engage the users with correct and suitable conversations. The systems are trained to understand user’s intent and enable the interested users to go ahead in the sales pipeline for successful closure.

Studying the market: Businesses need to set their mark or prove themselves through suitable initiation at the right time. A proper schedule built to launch the product at the appropriate time of the market proves advantageous.

Marketing input fed into the AI systems acts to study the current trend and deliver suitable suggestions and action steps for developing and implementing appropriate marketing strategies.

Moulding content: AI technology can suggest variations in content development to turn them more exciting and SEO optimized. AI can best guess the suitable keywords whose usage is extensive, the topics of the current trend, the most sought after topics concerning a domain and the best possible techniques gaining user’s reach and attention.

AI in sales management

Building sales is an absolute necessity for any business. While seeking to build a profitable business, the sales team must be trained to know the sales options such as whom to approach, the user expectations, the appropriate time of the day, the suitable day of the week and the best season of the year.

Performing analysis and coming up with the outcomes is a tedious and time-consuming job. AI in sales management can make a difference.

Increase sales: AI systems have been developed to identify the individuals who could create business sales. Those could be the newcomers are potential consumers from the existing database. Such identification can increase business sales.

Assess consumers: As part of sales management, a strategy must have been built to attain the business goals. AI analysis as a dashboard helps to know how the business sales went through a specific period. Time duration during the sales have touched the peak, which products have gained maximum sales, category of people who sought maximum services are shown as the key results. Not limited, the negative end of the sales can also be known to improve oneself.

ONPASSIVE’s AI and ML marketing

ONPASSIVE’s AI technology took shape as some of the best products. One such product is O-Chat, an AI chatbot designed to understand user’s intent better. Moreover, the chatbots are trained to escalate user’s queries to a human agent to give a more enhanced and satisfactory experience to the users.

Sales are associated with the right targeted users. ONPASSIVE is set to meet the requirement through O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ), an AI CRM tool for businesses. The tool uses sentiment analysis to understand the customer better, and the conversations resulting from such analysis are lively and engaging.


The role of AI is incredible for the results it is generating. The techniques and assessments generated by AI and ML marketing can ensure business sales growth.

Such execution of AI and ML technologies can happen through ONPASSIVE’s tools. Explore the tool’s usage.