How to Execute Effective Email Marketing Post COVID-19

We went through a tough time due to the COVID- pandemic and have even gone through the second wave of the virus very recently. All through the past year until recent time, it had drastically influenced people’s personal lives and businesses. 

Organizations have been running fine until the pandemic attack. All the established contacts have been loosened during the time. Maybe the lack of finance would have led to the user’s disinterest. However, things are turning fine, and people are gradually building their lives as before.

It is high time for any business to build stronger relationships with the earlier customers and the new ones. How to do it lies the question? Emails serve as the quick answer as they are regularly used to know the business information and updates. The one’s that have lacked attention during the global crises is gaining attention now.

Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is an evergreen way to reach out to people globally. 

  • Try being genuine in your words. Express that the business is ready to give out its services as usual and even more
  • Come up with the latest ideas and business goals.
  • Discuss any newly launched products or services
  • Invoke their interest to be part of webinars
  • Announce some trade shows to present live demonstrations
  • Gain registrations by creating sign up pages for the users
  • Gather only relevant audience by not missing to include the unsubscribe button 
  • Send out some interesting videos about the challenges faced during the pandemic and how they could withstand 
  • How businesses have cared for their customers during crises through some testimonials
  • How organizations have contributed to non-profits donations to aid the crises
  • Announce discount offers 

With these ideas in mind, promote Email marketing efficiently through an engaging subject line and content. Use the best templates that prove compelling. To support this, here are specific topics below :

Create Striking Banners:

Going through any email content should engage the user from beginning to end. Suppose a webinar is planned, and for which the user participation is expected at a greater level. Efforts to convey the information should be outstanding. 

What elements constitute a banner? The key speakers, the topic of discussion, time and date are the essential details. With one look, the information has to be precise. And a call to action has to be implemented so that the user would know what to do next.


Newsletters serve as an official source of any business to promote their achievements, feedback, testimonials and topics of the current trend. Only the registrants receive them regularly, and thus efforts to build each newsletter innovatively proves worth it. 

Adding some comic strip, leadership ideas from any top influential people, speaking about some top employees, and how their work generated productively and quality output arouse user’s interest.

Best Email Marketing Tools 

One must have understood how Email marketing could gain users interest, engagement and navigate them to the intended landing pages. All these contribute to generating leads. Also, they help to carry the business ideas and achievements globally at a quick pace. Choosing an Email Marketing tool saves valuable time and effort. ONPASSIVE’s O-Post can help businesses to execute the best Email Marketing. 

The emails never turn spam, remain lively and reach accurately with O-Post. Also, simple analytics, rich design and simple UI happen with it. 

What is the following action?

The simple reason why people look at their emails is that it is easy to access and does not include any cost. At the same time, it is also informative. With the significance it carries. Indeed it serves the customer, clients and businesses to adopt them.

Primarily, marketing needs are best met with the best email marketing tools. O-Post stands no exception. So, know how well it can serve you by adopting it in your work strategy.