Social Media has been an effective source for promoting business activities as more people are linked with the platform. Any information posted on Social Media soon gains the user's attention. The rich and easy interface of the platform has enabled users to make it their favorite platform to connect with family and friends easily. 

No doubt, the Instagram platform is much sought after by businesses to connect with the public. Mostly the youth are the energetic part of the platform. Did you wish to have your Instagram posts watched by more people? Effective tagging lies as a definite answer.

Instagram Tagging:

Instagram tagging forms a significant part of the strategy, and effective usage of it can enable more people to view your posts. Before using them, one needs to understand how they work. Let us initially try to know what Instagram hashtags are?

The symbol used for the hashtag is # followed by a text combining both letters and alphabets. Hashtags are primarily defined to categorize content and find the content quickly and easily. One can click the hashtag, so it navigates the user to the page showing all the posts tagged with the same hashtag. 

The significant thing about using hashtags is to drive more traffic to the posts and build a community to show interest.

The popular Instagram hashtags

1. Service hashtag: These hashtags depict the names of the business products and services, For example, # perfume and # furniture.

2. Niche hashtag: These hashtags are more specific and talk about the area of interest in the industry, and the examples could include #fashion, #travel.

3. Community hashtags: Instagram has communities, and the interested users can find those communities and join them using these hashtags.

4. Event or seasonal hashtags: These hashtags can be defined for any event, holiday, or season. The examples relating to this could be #winter, #autumn, #entertainment, #dance and #show.

5. Location hashtags: Apart from geotagging to Social Media posts, defining hashtags referring to your location can be genuinely fetching. Some of the examples include #home,#nature, and #apartment.

Instagram feed and tagging 

Adding tags to a new Instagram feed post:

Instagram feed refers to the main profiles page where individuals post videos and posts. One can tag people and brands who are within your post and let us know how to do it. 

Create an Instagram post with a video or an image. As you navigate to the caption screen, you will find an option to tag people. Multiple people can be tagged. Moreover, about 20 people can be tagged per post. 

Adding tags to an existing Instagram post:

The existing Instagram post can be edited. And the steps for it include the following:

1. Navigate to the content in the gallery and click on the three-dotted icon displayed on the top right corner, where you will find the edit option. 

2. We find the option to tag people on the image itself on the left bottom corner. Tap on it, and enter the name, and choose the person you want to tag. Post completion of the process, save the changes. 

Removing a tag from an Instagram post :

Instagram provides an option to remove tags quickly and easily. The steps include the following:

1. Visit the post that you have tagged in, and you can find the three-dotted icon. 

2. Clicking on it, you can find an option tag option. 

3. Within the tag options, you will find 'Remove me from post.' Select this option as a final step to accomplish removing a tag successfully. 

Conclusion : 

Results have proved that hashtags lead to more user engagement. More people show a willingness to view your posts, and at the same time combining different kinds of hashtags will derive some effective, relevant phrases that could yield more compelling results. 

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