Marketing happens in two different forms. One is Inbound Marketing, and the other is Outbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing mainly focuses on providing helpful information to the users in websites, SEO strategies, blogs, articles, newsletters, white papers, e-books etc. In contrast, outbound marketing is more into promotions as ads, cold calling and sending direct emails.

 What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing develops valuable content, addresses customer pain points and find solutions through its services. 

The flow of Inbound Marketing follows some significant steps:

 Create valuable content: Be genuine to convey what the business is into through valuable information. The website content, articles and blogs generated regularly are intended to provide some useful information.

Customer pain points: Customers face some challenges and seek solutions for them. Inbound Marketing analyses and understands customer expectations, thereby producing quality and informative content. 

Be successful: As the customer seeks solutions from you and feel satisfied and happy, businesses would also be happy about it. It promotes moral boosting and gives strength to achieve more.

Consequently, soon your business flourishes with word of mouth. Such is the impact Inbound Marketing can create. 

How to know customers pain points for Inbound Marketing
Consider previous experiences: An established businesses have data with them with which they can analyze how previous interactions went. Through this, one can know where customers have experienced disappointments and what challenges they have faced. And, startups require to study the details through known sources and competitors to understand customers pain points. 

Conduct a survey: Post a survey with a list of relevant questions that will likely derive the customer’s pain points. Of course, those facing issues would feel like filling out the details. Value them.

Work with sales team: Sales team are the competent team to know the progress of any business sales. The marketing and the sales team have to coordinate with each other to have better understand customer requirements and expectations. Viewing the sales report can help assess the apt time and day for boosting sales. 

Leverage Social Media platforms: Every business is suggested to have a Social Media business page to interact with the customers and the clients. Social media serves users to interact for its simple and effective UI. No doubt, customers would come forward to discuss their problems such as delay in any service and technical issues during product usage.

Have direct discussion: Face to face discussion has a significant impact. Customer pain points can be clearly understood by holding such a discussion. It could give a chance to know practical difficulties. 

Though executing the above points, what needs considering is analyzing and preparing the simple questions that help carry out Inbound Marketing effectively. People constitute various age groups and gender, and they are geographically located at different places bound by varied climatic conditions, culture and language. 

Based on these, people’s expectations vary. A proper study considering the above factors will result in a more effective content strategy. 


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Inbound Marketing results do not turn up in a single day. A significant amount of time and effort needs to be invested to achieve the best results. 

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