I´m happy to share with you my experience (after doing online marketing since 1997 and offline since 1992) with working on facebook.

What’s the situation

I often hear and read stuff like “I´ve paid for ads and nobody signed up” etc.. So here is the way it REALLY works.

 Don´t purchase for ads on social media!

 Don´t just POST on social media.

Use these platforms to gain special contacts.

And here is your daily action plan:

Become a member in those special marketing and homeworking groups (keywords: work from home, internet marketing, online marketing, home business…etc.)

Send out at least 10 contact requests to the other members of these groups. more will mark you as spam, so be carefull.

Hint: Don’t take them as “friends”, this wording is just a tricky thing Mark Zuckerberg once created to get his platform more popular because of this private “flavour”. Facebook and Co. are just databanks you can use for your own purposes. And don’t worry, you already pay Mr Zuckerberg with your data. All you do is to add new CONTACTS into your databank in order to sort them into categories step by step. This way of thinking helps to avoid psychological pressure and stress about disappointing “friendships”.

Give your new CONTACTS a chance to check out your private chronicle and see what kind of guy/gal you are.

Get in personal contact with them and warm them up.

Special note: Never start with business offers in the first conversation

Schedule a telephone/skype call. Your voice and kind of speaking (no matter how) In addition to your attitude and sounding are important tools to create trust. It´s the miracle of conversation. Use this!

Be patient and work constantly without breaking this process.

 I bet you will sign up 2 out of 10

if you do the first steps constantly each day for some weeks.  

Good luck and lots of success!  

Last not least some most important hints:

Avoid to post business offers on your chronicle, but express yourself as a private person. Share your hobbies and interests in music, art, books, vacations, sports, nature, animals/pets, party, food, home decoration, cooking, etc.. If you have permission, post some impression of your home and family. it creates trust and integrity.

Never ever share ref links without permission!

Never post ref links to anybody’s comments or chronicle!

Thanks for paying some attention and sharing your time with me!