B2B effective strategy

Learning how to generate leads on Instagram might not be as easy as following some simple rules and tricks but it is definitely not that difficult. It is a Facebook-owned social networking site where you can share your images with your friends, family and your followers. The images uploaded on Instagram are visible to all users and can be followed by people in your network. With this, your followers will be able to know more about you and what you are offering them.

The secret on how to generate leads on Instagram? Just like any other social networking platform, you must create a page. If you don’t have an account now, you should start building one today because it is the easiest way to get your business out there. This page should contain information about you, your products or services and what you are offering. You can also add some captions or write some articles or make reviews on the products you are promoting.

B2B Leads With Instagram

Aside from the page, you can also upload photos on it like the ones mentioned above. Upload photos that show you in a professional or creative light. These will not only make your followers think that you are a real person but it will also make them feel like they are seeing a real person behind the Instagram account. Photos that show your personality and your best sides are the most effective ones to make.

The next step you also need to learn is how to use the page. The first thing that you need to do is to create a page that has direct relation to your business. For example, if you are running a hair salon, you can create a page called “the hair salon”. It is best if you do not include the word “business” in your URL as it may cause search engines to not index your page. This is because search engines, like Google, use keywords to determine where a certain website should index.

Once you have created your page, you can now upload the link of your Instagram page to your Facebook homepage. This is how you can tell people that they can now visit your website. However, you need to note that you need to be careful in doing this so as not to violate the terms of service of Facebook or else, you will get your page banned.

Now that you have your page, you can start trying to market your Instagram products. You can either promote one product per day or you can try to promote more than one product per day if you have lots of products to promote. You just have to make sure that you give your followers compelling reasons why they should follow you and your Instagram account. For example, if you have a page telling people about the products that you sell, then you should give your followers a reason why they should buy those products from you.

The link that you will use in order to promote your Instagram products should not be clickable. So make sure that you don’t click the link to your Instagram page because that will get your page banned. So what you have to do is to include an option box somewhere on your page. When someone gives you their email address, then you can include a link to your page, so they can join Instagram and visit your page to learn more about your products.


So those are the steps on how to generate leads on Instagram.  It’s easy if you know how to use it properly. You need to provide good quality content in order to gain followers. And of course, always give them good reasons why they should buy your product.