AI online courses

With all the hype of machine learning and artificial intelligence around us, it might have crossed your mind that you should learn more about trending technology. In the last blog, we have seen how to get started with AI and the various types of courses available online.

In this blog, we shall discuss the number of free AI online courses available to build your knowledge of artificial intelligence. Here we have put together some of the best courses on AI that you can learn for free. These are the handpicked suggestions, and you can find many more courses available online. 

How to Start Learning Artificial Intelligence as a Beginner? 

There are several videos available online, and you can watch some TedTalks on YouTube, read blog posts submitted on our blog section. These will help you with a basic idea of what is artificial intelligence and how to get started with learning AI and ML. Before you get into studying artificial intelligence, you must be realistic as to whether a particular topic interests you or not. This is where the help of free courses comes. You can complete some free courses that you are interested in and see if it really is for you. 

EdX – In-depth Artificial intelligence Course

EdX, an online learning platform helps its users to learn AI by providing free access to AI courses. The course is in-depth and easy to follow. It is covering various topics on AI applications like robotics, natural language processing, machine learning algorithms, data structures and much more applications. The course will is of 12 weeks, and you can follow step by step instructions of the AI modules provided on the site. It is free of cost, and you can learn from anywhere, also if you can get a certificate for completing the course for a few hundred bucks.

Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence for Robotics

This is one of the best courses offered to learn AI. It focuses on how robotic cars are programmed and how are they self-driven, it gives basic modules on how the robotic vehicles came into existence. It also constitutes a part of Deep Learning. The course is taught by AI professionals, who talk about localization, PID control, Kalman and Particle filters and much more topics. These concepts will be easy if you have a basic knowledge of Python and programming experience. These free online courses will help you learn a lot about artificial intelligence. You will have enough basic knowledge of artificial intelligence to try out the paid ones, which are more complex and goes in-depth of artificial intelligence and machine learning concepts. Learning AI can be more exciting than any other theory. Once you start learning about AI, it can be a never-ending journey because you are learning about how to teach a computer to learn about the tasks you want it to do. Isn’t that amazing?