With most of the brands going global since the last decade and targeting audience at a global level, there is an increasing need for businesses to connect with international users on a daily basis. For this, they need to understand the culture, purchase habits, traditions, language, and other related issues of the targeted global audience.

Email marketing is considered the dominant strategy out of all marketing strategies. Email localization is crucial for brands to take their email marketing campaign to a global level.

What is an Email Localization?

Email Localization is the process of making the content of your email marketing campaign more relevant to the readers who stay in different countries and speak different languages. Localization services help brands create a great Email marketing campaign at a global level.

Email localization helps businesses to create emails that interests international audience while convincing them to take action.

Why Brands need a localized email strategy?

Although Emails can be sent and received anywhere and everywhere, different countries have different languages, desires and customs. This difference, when not addressed properly, may drop down the conversion rate and engagement, which eventually may lead to trouble the whole email marketing campaign.

Therefore, optimizing email strategy for a global audience is essential for businesses to be successful.

Translating the source market email copy isn’t always enough, although it might be helpful when offering the same products or services in similar markets with a shared cultural difference. 

However, businesses should look for local speakers who understand the language better to get the email translated in order to grow their overseas operations with an accurate email copy. 

Tips to upgrade your Global Email Marketing Campaign

The global audience are more likely to be engaged with marketing Campaign when your content is tailored and customized according to their specific needs. 

The following are few tips that help businesses to localize their email marketing campaign:

  • Adopt a personal tone for your Emails

People are exposed to hundreds of generic emails every day. Customers tend to dislike emails that sound like ads. Using a personal tone helps businesses to connect with the audience instantly. This can be done in several ways. 

Businesses should consider using a prominent name of a person in the company in the from section instead of listing the company’s name to grab the attention. The body of the mail should sound more like you are contacting a friend and not just another customer. 

This strategy adds a personal touch to the email making the readers feel some known person has sent the mail. 

  • Send promotional offers that are locally relevant

One of the innovative ways to gain customers attention is to send discount codes, coupons and promotional offers. However, it is essential for businesses to consider the local factor when sending promotional offers through emails.

Businesses need to do proper research to ensure that the customers are getting relevant promotional offers according to their geographical locations and are relevant to their specific needs and preferences.

  • Make use of Social Media platforms 

Another smart localization strategy that businesses can adopt is to share promotional emails to customers who sign up on social media for their mailing list. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can also be used to post ads about the promotional offers or boost posts by targeting potential customers from specific regions across the world. This helps to boost the local influence of your business in that area. 

  • Consider different Time Zones 

Since emails are sent to people all over the world, businesses need to understand that people live in different time zones. Businesses need to understand the specific timings that people are most likely to check emails. This is one of the essential steps to be followed, especially in the email marketing campaign.

Therefore, sending emails according to the time zones increase the chances of people opening the mails and thereby increasing the opportunities for businesses.

  • Optimize Aesthetics of Email

People around the world have different perceptions of colours. The choice of colours employed by businesses plays a crucial role in the success of the email localization strategy. Typography is another key element of the aesthetics of the email. 

The layout of your content looks different for different languages. Therefore, it is important for businesses to have their translators and graphic designers work together to ensure that the content has a perfectly optimized layout for each language. 

  • Segment the Email list carefully

Segmenting the email list is essential to ensure that customers receive the tailored content according to their tastes and needs, which is crucial for a strong marketing campaign. There are several ways to segment the list.

Businesses can consider segmenting this list according to the geographical locations or the language, which ensures that the audience constantly receives emails that are relevant to their language, culture and area. 

However, businesses need to understand the privacy laws and regulations when sending marketing emails to multilingual recipients who stay in different countries and regions.


Providing customers with a localized experience can increase sales customer loyalty and helps businesses to improve their customer retention. Therefore, businesses need to pay attention to the commercial, regional and cultural preferences of the audience when targeting an international customer base. 

The ultimate goal of localizing email marketing campaigns is to gain customers’ trust, enable them to engage with your brand, and influence them to make a purchase. Therefore, localizing an email marketing campaign is the best way to do so.