Personalization Marketing-ONPASSIVE

Imagine you have visited a store to buy something, and a sales guy comes to you to know the requirements and help you in finding the right stuff, don’t you think it will be helpful. Indeed. Especially, the newcomers will benefit from such service. 

Personalization has a magnetic effect. Every user wishes to be treated personally and knows about their requirement. And, the good thing is businesses fulfilling those requirements satisfactorily are said to have accomplished personalization marketing effectively.

Automation technology has sprung up to execute enhancive personalization. Tools took shape to aid the marketing process. Let us see how personalization marketing can give a new meaning to marketing.

Valid content 

Emails serve as a significant means for business promotion. Email should not only address the user with the name but also include relevant content to meet user preferences. There are chances that a user would turn away from any business if relevant content is not found. 


We are millions in number. Does our idea of being personally recognized stop? 

In our families and our work environment, it is a natural tendency to be recognized for our contributions. Similarly, however huge the customer count for a business could be, each customer expects to be identified. What could best meet the purpose? Personalized marketing serves as an answer.


Have we not heard of responsive web design. Applications incorporating this feature will show dynamism across various devices. How about creating a single campaign, single email, and a single landing page. Sounds interesting! Based on the user preferences, the display varies.

By generating user-specific emails or designing website pages, users feel that the business recognizes them. If all your interests come to your doorstep, much before you search for anything is pretty much convenient and cool. That is the art of personalized marketing. 

ONPASSIVE’s Automation Technology

Many tools and technologies have come to aid personalized marketing. Artificial intelligence is the most sought-after technology by people globally due to how the systems are trained and designed to accomplish tasks efficiently and accurately.

Imagine you have a complex task to deal with. There could be various ways to solve the problem. Some could consume effort and time, while others would provide the perfect solutions in the shortest possible way. Of these, what do you prefer? It is, of course, the second one.

When we talk about AI, it could be an effective option to work similarly to a human mind. The conversations held by the AI systems personally communicate with the users understanding their intent.

O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ) is an effective CRM tool built by AI technology to evaluate the current market trends. Marketing strategies find new meaning and turn more creative with the suggestions generated by the tool. Also, the tools play the best part in selecting only the right users relevant to one’s business. 

Having gained the right users, as a next step generating leads, and completing the sales cycle successfully would be the forth lying goal for any business. O-Chat is an AI chatbot designed to converse with users according to their preferences. The user’s records are well scrutinized to know what suits them. Consequently, the present actions are guided accordingly, providing the best of personalized marketing.


Businesses statistics have revealed that personalization marketing led to increased sales, which is essential for any business other than building loyal customers. This can come true with user personalization and making the best of automation technology. 

ONPASSIVE is set to prove its mark in the field of marketing through its AI tools. Optimize the AI tools. Especially, held effective user conversations with O-Chat, a perfect AI chatbot for effective personalized marketing.