chat marketing

Customer relationship is the key for any business. Any business aspires to gain loyal customers and establish a long-term relationship with them. Prominent business marketing options lie to fulfill them if your business proves impressive.

How to communicate effectively with the users who show interest in your business? In this digital age, chatbots offer a solution. Artificial intelligence has allowed chatbots to gain greater insight into users’ intent with these latest products. AI chatbots understand the conversation better. Thanks to the artificial intelligence that has made it possible.

The AI chatbots have been performing more than customer support. The services are 24×7 with higher user engagement through business products and services showcasing more extensively than ever before. Moreover, the traditional approach of enabling sales through any business website is no longer limited. The chatbots themselves are actively conversely with the customers to make sales through some effective and short videos.

Building a chat marketing strategy lies prominently to enable a seamless flow of conversations with the users. 

Chat marketing strategy

Businesses have to know when and how to implement chat marketing strategy as part of the business plan. Most users prefer live chat, for the response time is fast.

Listed below are the key highlights of chat marketing: 

  • High customer engagement: Marketing efforts are on a wave to enable businesses to improve click-through rates. They could be emails, registrations, newsletters, or any other marketing content. However, the results are not to the mark as expected. At the same time, statistics have proved that the customer’s engagement rates are high with the sources enabling live communication as the ideas and views can be expressed well. Moreover, answers and queries can find prompt replies.
  • Customer support 24×7: Who would prefer to have slow service? No one does, right? Every user expects a prompt reply from a business, and the response could be an answer to a question, information on any topic, clarity, explanation, and expressing thanks. Understanding the user’s intent and talking straight to the point covering all the vital information in a minimum possible time paves the way to higher chances of lead conversion and sales.
  • User personalization: Ultimately, what businesses expect is to generate huge conversion rates. Live chat with user personalization will enable businesses to know what the customer needs in person.
  • Omnichannel marketing: Users turn engaging with consistent messages promoted across all the available platforms. Businesses implementing a one-to-one approach following an omnichannel approach for chat marketing can build leads and create sales. 
  • Retain customers: Lack of product quality, poor customer support, improper support post-sales, non-addressing of users’ grievances drive customers away from one’s businesses and move into the nest of competitors. The best approach to bring them back to the business is to chat with them, know their pain points, and address them quickly. Thus, businesses’ effective approach to bringing customers back never goes fruitless.
  • Fetching for small businesses: Startups have growth possibilities if they prove worth. Huge competition exists within which small businesses have to survive. In that case, AI chatbots are indeed fetching to promote services through user communication.


Chat marketing strategy should be an essential part of any business marketing strategy. Chatbots enable direct communication with the users, and thus the conversion rates are significantly high compared to other marketing options. 

We know Artificial Intelligence systems are trained to work as humans do and think. As a result, understanding customers has turned more intelligent and smart to match users’ intent. 

ONPASSIVE provides O-Chat, an AI chatbot, an intelligent tool to get close to users and derive benefits.