All those aspiring to be entrepreneurs are suggested to go through market research to establish themselves amongst the massive competition. 

Performing market research helps entrepreneurs know about the existing trends, user requirements, expectations and competition. Moreover, the benefits and the drawbacks of the activities already in implementation can be well known. As a result, something new, unique and innovative can turn out from the entrepreneur’s end. 

Market research

What are the key points to know by an entrepreneur about market research? Let us explore the details.

1. Target audience: Entrepreneurs must identify the audience to whom the business would reach. Following this, the question arises as to how to reach them. Think about various means to connect with the target audience for business promotion. Schedule marketing strategy and allocate the proper resources for implementation.

2. Key factors: Most significantly, entrepreneurs need to consider the user demographics for their best reach. Also, it is vital to study financial constraints, the ability to face the upcoming challenges, and the new opportunities that come across with the growing business.

3. International market: Entrepreneurs seeking to prove their mark internationally have to understand the international market operations better. A proper study of marketing laws’ rules and regulations can help entrepreneurs to establish themselves in any specific market. 

4. Study competition: Studying the competition is also the key for entrepreneurs to go about with their ideas. If any specific domain has too much competition, then it is important to think before executing. A business idea needs to be unique and outstanding to prove oneself. Sufficient time needs to be spent to study the pros and cons of the competitor activities. 

5. Exit criteria: According to the market research, entrepreneurs are suggested to define the exit at the time of entry. It is, of course, encouraging if your business meets success. However, if any unexpected results turn out, be assured of going about with the future tasks without any dissatisfaction. This can only happen by defining exit criteria at the beginning. 

6. Social Media: Social media is the most sought after platform by a massive number of people globally. The prominent ones are namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Various people have different soft corners concerning these platforms. Analyzing the statistics and the review of these platforms will help to build a suitable marketing strategy.

7. Assess oneself: Market research also includes assessing oneself. Work keeps executing, and the outputs keep generating. The key lies in understanding which implementations are gaining the expected results and which are meeting failure. Such analysis would improve the workflow and paves the path for not repeating the mistakes.

Market research with ONPASSIVE’s tools 

The market research proves that AI is the latest technology to implement in the workflow for outstanding results. ONPASSIVE is an AI-powered organization that has come up with unique AI products.

Prominently, the tools, which can perform the market research on your behalf sounds exciting, right? AI systems are trained to know the current market trends, understand user’s and their expectations, and study competitors edge. O-Desk ( erstwhile O-Lead ), a CRM tool, works to build quality customer profiles. Moreover, the product collects massive data and provides accurate assessments of customer expectations.

O-Desk enables understanding customer’s intent based on the sentiment analysis. Moreover, the tool enables an automated sales process that helps to build business sales and reputation growth. 


Entrepreneurs are required to perform market research to plan, execute and promote business activities. Such research would help choose the best options for marketing. Every online source is unique. So, it is significant to understand which platforms work best for what kind of marketing. 

ONPASSIVE’s role to perform market research can be fetching. Know the importance of O-Desk, the best CRM tool for businesses to helps entrepreneurs to perform market research.