It is a known fact that videos are more engaging than a long text. You can say a whole lot with a just a few minutes of video which if converted to text can take a long time to draft and also makes a rather tiring read as well. With the surge in the use of online platforms videos have started to play a crucial role in getting the much needed social attention.

Most brands have now developed their online niche and are marketing their products through promotional and explanatory videos. It is needless to stress on the point how crowded the online channels are nowadays and the potential that they hold to up the growth of any brand.

Keeping this in mind videos have become highly crucial to anyone seeking to build on an online repute and connect with their customers or attract more prospective customers. Apart from this the financial advantage that various online video platform offers is rather hard to ignore. YouTube alone comprises the major chunk of the online video traffic followed closely by Facebook.  There are many Youtube, FaceBook and TikTok celebrities who have gained global fame due to the engaging videos that they share.

So really what does it take to make an engaging video?

Let’s analyze the various factors that can helps you to decide on the type and tone of video you want to present;

  1. The first thing that you need to find out is the field that you want to make your video in. Will it be promotional, personal care, health, entertainment, informative, technology or any other fields? You can choose the field that you know has a good viewer base and a subject matter that you know best about and are interested in.
  2. The second most important factor is to understand the age group of the viewer base that you are targeting. The age group of the target audience will define the tone of the video that you will make.
  3. The third factor would be demography of the audience. Not every video can be understood on a global level. If it is a local crowd puller then you need to tone it accordingly. If you are targeting a global crowd you need to use a language for your script that will be understood internationally.

Once you have decided on these 3 factors you can then work on the script and presentation of the video. But how do you start working on the script?

Build the right story

The script should be engaging, simple and easy to understand. It should be able to establish the connect with the audience so that he feels like revisiting your channel again. Now you need to decide if your video will have 2D graphic animation or will be simply text with images or is it going to be a real person presenting with clips of other videos or images.

It may sound a lot to decide on but once you have decided on these factors it just melts down to getting the right audio track, the camera for the shoot (if needed) and the best video editor to make your video come live.

Once the deciding stage has been crossed you can start with the process to build the perfect video. There are various video editing tools in the market that lets you add amazing features to engage your audience.

Make sure that you start with structuring a successful video workflow first and then move onto the actual execution. Once you have a workflow to follow there is no jumping around from one stage to another. You would be moving as per the required plan and saving a lot of time in rework.

Video are more engaging when they are short and uses a good imagery. A good track running in the background adds to the tone of the video and keeps people hooked. Promotion of products and services are often done with videos that aim to grasp the attention of the viewers. Needless to say some brands have mastered the art of presentation of their products to such an extent that their videos get more attention. This is a great way to create brand awareness.


Videos that are less than a minute in length are trending now and of course not to forget what Apple brought about with their Don’t blink video. Video trends keep changing and that is of course expected in the highly dynamic technological market that we have now. It is best that when you plan on a video then identify the trend and match it to make sure your video gets the views you wished for.